A Message of Self-Reliance

Every once in a while, a mainstream media source will print something sensible. Philly.com allowed this PTD-oriented message in its News – Letters section. The article the author refers to is boilerplate Cultural Marxism. The response is powerful.

The author begins:

I’M WHITE; college educated, grew up in NE Philly, started and sold two businesses, and I’m a Republican. My mother left El Salvador with a seventh-grade education and made sure we learned how to fit in and work hard. My brother graduated from West Point. I’ve worked all my life since the age of 10.

I read Solomon Jones’ article – “White liberals can’t abandon the issues that impact blacks” – and felt both sad and angry. […] So Republicans are responsible for police brutality in urban environments? Is that your message? Is Baltimore run by the GOP? Philly? St. Louis? […] It’s wrong to require an ID to vote? That’s called disenfranchisement? One needs an ID to do just about anything in life except vote . . . is that your message? Do black people really buy that message?

It’s not very common to have direct, common sense questions of the Cultural Marxist narrative displayed on a mainstream site. Anyone who watched the Baltimore Riots saw the police stand down as blacks destroyed their own stores and neighborhoods. The GOP had nothing to do with Baltimore’s incompetent black mayor telling the police to stand down. Opposing voter ID laws is implicit support of voter fraud. The media frame this as “disenfranchisement,” but honest people know that’s horseshit. The Left wins on voter ID laws fairly consistently, and it’s because there are not enough strong men to shoot down this garbage in the legislatures and courts across America.


I think if I were a white liberal, I would be shocked at your words. I’m nothing to you but a means to give your hate an extended shelf life by putting more incompetents into office who support “so-called” black issues. Someday maybe even white liberals will get tired of “black leaders” who get compensated either politically or economically by creating racial tension instead of focusing on the root issue . . . work hard, go to bed early, respect the law, get an education, do your homework, become friends with good people, avoid people who will get you in trouble and pray to God to be grateful for all you have in this wonderful country.

Being a decent human being really isn’t that difficult, yet leftists would have minorities believe that the above message isn’t as important as embracing their status as victims and the oppressed. The Racial Proletariat that Cultural Marxism has created is the bottom of the vice squeezing the white working class—the Elites being the top of the vice.

With a very basic message of self-reliance and responsibility, there is no reason any race or nation must wallow in self-pity or live in filth and fear. Yet, this message does not serve the Elites, nor does it appeal to the Racial Proletariat who would have to earn their daily bread. The alliance of the Elites and the Racial Proletariat is a mutated Marxism, one that sees the white working class as the bourgeoisie that must be destroyed.


There are no shortcuts in life and life isn’t fair either, so even when you give 110 percent there’s no guarantee. But, your chances of success are much higher with hard work than if you do not. Why can’t that be the message to blacks or to anyone? That’s what I got from my mom every day, even though her English was not that good. We blamed no one but ourselves for any failures.

Keep giving blacks hope that government is the solution to all problems. After all, you can make quite a living doing this for years and it’s much easier to write articles about the disenfranchisement tactics of the GOP than it is to talk about what every person needs to do to achieve success.

This man has the right instincts, but his frustration is futile. Men like him believe the Left is just deaf or incapable of critical thinking. Both assumptions are incorrect. First, the Left hears quite well, and it enjoys the sounds of suffering, particularly the suffering of the white working class. Second, the Elites are Cultural Marxist globalists, and they have planned our displacement very carefully. The Elites know exactly what they’re doing. From the Immigration and Nationality Act of 1965 to the current open borders policy, we are being replaced, systematically replaced without so much as a vote, let alone a fight.

There is growing white angst in America; it’s feeding Trump’s campaign. Men like the author of this opinion piece should be here at Resurgence Media Network. They just need the right encouragement, and then the solutions become obvious: masculinity, tradition, family, and nation.

You can become a part of Resurgence Media Network here or by subscribing above. You’d be a fool not to.

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