PTD Radio Sweden: Episode #3

On this episode, I delve into Swedish politics and why political correctness is losing momentum. I talk about popular culture, and how it programs us through language and music. I express my views on religion and the fact that Europe is turning into a patriarchy thanks to Muslim immigration. I round it off with some observations on globalization and a shout out to Tyler! MP3 DOWNLOAD


About Keyser Söze (6 Articles)
Konservativ realist. Genomskådar politik via själslig och filosofisk analys av människans natur och vår samtid.

3 Comments on PTD Radio Sweden: Episode #3

  1. Hello Albin, you have an interesting take on these issues which I agree with – the people who do speak out against Islam often do it for the wrong reasons, perhaps because they are trying to appeal to the liberal left. They say it isn’t feminist enough. I don’t think we should be putting our beautiful eastern women in burkhas and treating them like Muslim men do, but actually you’re on the money, they are more free, more happy, and more dedicated to their men and their culture because they are grounded in a traditional role that responds to a deep natural instinct, not a tv-manufactured desire to be a ball-busting lawyer who rides the cock carousel every weekend and disrespects the men who created a comfortable society for her to live in. Good work man, keep it up – also, you are right about Tyler – that guy is dynamite!

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