The Life Lessons of Fitness & Bodybuilding

When it comes to analogies for life, I absolutely CANNOT think of any better analogy than the pursuit of a physical discipline, and for me personally, competing at a bodybuilding show. The traits that are strengthened while learning a physical discipline and ultimately competing, whether professionally or recreational, include the following

  1. discipline
  2. focus
  3. sacrifice
  4. consistency
  5. self-responsibility

The reason being for this, is that in today’s society, fitness is not a requirement for success, for the most part. Only professional athletes and people of service like military, law and fire protection are required by their line of work to be physically fit.

Because of this, the very act of choosing to become fit will be a character awakening for you.

  1. you will learn the discipline to work for your goals
  2. you will learn the focus to create time bound and tangible goals
  3. you will learn to sacrifice a “night out” or other unnecessary social functions for the benefit of your physical goals
  4. you will learn the the consistency of always following your plan, no matter how overworked or tired you become
  5. and finally the self-responsibility to be honest with yourself when you are not executing the first four character traits and then correct your own path.

Every single one of these traits will strengthen you as an individual. You will take on leadership qualities, and your natural strengths will become magnified like never before. Reaching the pinnacle of your personal success as an ALPHA MALE can only FULLY happen, when the mind and body are controlled by your very WILL.

For me, the intense training and dieting leading up to a contest has taught me all of this and helped me apply it to everything else in life. Find your physical discipline today, and find your real self.

Please enjoy this video I’ve made of my last competitive season with some training highlights featured.

3 Comments on The Life Lessons of Fitness & Bodybuilding

  1. I have had this idea for years…..goes something like this:

    Just like you must have inspection for you car…..citizens have to be in shape.
    Once a year or every other year, you show up for a day of testing of your general health.
    Don’t pass the test……boot camp.
    Pass the test……stay a citizen.

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  2. gabeperea // May 4, 2016 at 11:04 am // Reply

    Yea that’s definitely an incredible way to keep a nation fit. Gym class in schools used to actually gives grades based on this principle to their students. I remember being 10 yrs old and doing pull up, push up and stretch assesments. A good first step would be emphasize once again the critical importance of teaching kids at an early age the importance of physical education.


  3. joenorthpal // May 5, 2016 at 11:53 am // Reply

    Yeah man, when I grew up, mandatory phys ed and health classes meant PHYSICAL EDUCATION and HEALTH, no exceptions.


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