What have we become?

When I think of Selfie Sticks being used in public…I think of asians.  But whoever it was this growing problem shows serious lack of judgement and common sense.

Disneyland Resort in Anaheim has a rule against its guests using selfie sticks and they take it very seriously.

The California Screamin’ roller coaster in California Adventure was evacuated and shut down for an hour on Tuesday evening when a passenger was spotted taking a selfie with one of those sticks that have become popular among the social media-obsessed, KTLA reports.

Link to full article…


2 Comments on What have we become?

  1. It’ll all be over soon. Six more months and Trump takes over!


  2. Dracula Cruz and Mr. Rogers are finally out. Make America Great Again! Let’s hope these cuck retards fall in line and don’t try to fuck over Trump in other ways.


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