Guess Who Has a Migrant Crisis?


Russia mock migrant crisis: Kremlin says the EU’s policy on multiculturalism has ‘failed’.

Russia today lashed out at the EU’s handling of the migrant crisis, accusing leaders of wilfully ignoring cultural differences that have caused such widespread friction and chaos across the Continent.
Konstantin Romodanovsky, head of Russia’s Federal Migration Service, said ‘multiculturalism has failed’ because Europe never formed a unified strategy to integrate refugees into Western society.
He said: ‘The European Commission left it up to individual nations to decide how they want to treat asylum seekers – despite the fact the policies and capabilities of member states are very different.
‘The EU does not have an effective system for registering incoming migrants or effective mechanisms for deporting illegal immigrants.’
As a result, he claims the EU was caught ‘unprepared’ when hundreds of thousands of migrants first starting arriving on the Continent last year.

He also accused leaders of ignoring the ‘differences in culture, religious traditions, and customs’ with the refugees, the vast majority of whom are Islamic.

Poland says No to migrants after Brussels attack.

Minister Macierewicz is the legendary leader of the anti-communist resistance in the Polish People’s Republic.
A former political prisoner, he was arrested over 20 times.

The Polish government has reiterated its opposition to migrant relocations, while describing Middle East refugees as “the cause” of “social tensions” in Europe.

Thousands of Iraqi refugees have decided to leave Finland.

Almost two thirds of the asylum seekers last year were young Iraqi men, but some are now having second thoughts, so Finland will begin chartering flights to Baghdad from next week to take them home.
Finland had long since learned lessons from the disaster of a female Minister of Defence, Elisabeth Rehn and Anneli Kariina Taina, Finland in the 1990’s.

Spain’s once proud military still hasn’t forgotten the Spanish Socialist Workers’ Party.

Who is this sullen-faced, pregnant woman who passes by Spanish troops standing in strict military attention?
A casual observer?
A war protester? A curious pedestrian?

No, she is Carmen Chacón, Defense Minister of the Spanish government.
After reviewing the troops at a ceremony in which she officially took over her post, she commanded them to say “Viva España! Viva el Rey!”[Long live Spain, long live the King,] and gave a brief speech explaining her appointment as a “sign of progress.”

Back in 2008, Carme Chacón was the first female Minister of Defence in Spain, which, together with the fact that she was seven months pregnant at the time.

The army protested against Chacón’s appointment, saying that entrusting the defense of Spain to a pregnant Catalonian was an “insult to the armed forces.”

The 37-year old Chacon has been a pacifist all her life.
Suddenly, she is the head of Spain’s armed forces.
Making the appointment even more ludicrous, the new Minister of Defense had absolutely no military background or experience.

Chacón as a pacifist, like the majority of young Spaniards today.
Her primary goal, she said, was to “reconcile society with the armed forces.”

America, your military is all but totally femenized, homofied, trangenderized, and third world populated.
What else will Hillary do?



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