The Garage Gym Solution


Big box gyms are a good place to waste time and loose motivation.  While smaller private gyms offer training to help give you the foundation and better environment you need to be successful.  But what if there isn’t one in your area?

Consider the garage gym solution…

One thing you will notice with garage gyms is there isn’t enough room for all those weightlifting machines.  The garage gym must rely on free weights, such as dumbbells; but consider it a liberation.

Free wights can be much better for your strength building.  The machines after all were designed for unknowledgeable people who frequent big gyms after every New Years.  All they have to do is plop on a machine and it pretty obvious how to use it.  They don’t need basic training like deadlifts, squats, dumbbells, etc.

Personally, I was intimidated…how do I learn all these free weight exercises?  Then I found

This website shows how to replace each machine exercise with its free weight equivalents.   This website also does an excellent job of helping select the right equipment for a well rounded home gym.

The only thing  you might miss from the big gym is all that yoga-booty.  I know I will.  Looking at the bright side you will now have better focus.  But if its that important to you that can be easily substituted with pin up posters…and at least Miss September  won’t monopolize your equipment texting and Facebooking.

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  1. For future reference Mike… all images have to be set at 940x by 400x pixels

    Thanks Man!


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