Marxists Know it’s Over

Young Turkey’s jump ship in mock assault of establishment.

Drinking pepsi instead of coke, Bernie is cool, Bernie is hip.
The marxist trodded out the decrepit degenerate Bernie Sanders to see which way the wind is blowing.
They are now beginning the transition for even more radicalization.

The new left challenged and changed the structure in the 50’s, the 60’s was all show, student radicalization just as physical overthrow of riots FAILED.
Too many younger folks get it backwards, the end of the 60’s law and order won the day.
The radicalization took place in the 70’s NOT the 60’s.
Let’s not make the same mistakes, the left are starting to concede to the fact Trump will win.

Hillary is a maligned establishment candidate, that will be blamed, the decrepit commie Bernie was flown up the flag pole as a socialist and it turns out the American European hipster academics and youth bought it.

They can become an even more radicalized entrenchment down the road, just as the Clinton liberals became in the 90’s.
It is imperative we wipe them out completely, politically, and institutionally,

This is just the start of Our New Beginning

We could find ourselves in an even deeper hole with a further demographic slippage.
They are a worthy adversary who won’t go down easy.

Trump must be the Start

Not the End

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