Dismantling the Red Beast

For our forthcoming resurgence, it's crucial to understand what we are fighting, and how the red bolshevik beast deconstructed the old Europe of hierarchies and higher values, to replace it with Godless tyranny.

The war on God

Let’s first take a look at atheism. Atheism is not a belief system nor is it a religion. The only common thread that ties all atheists together is a lack of belief in gods and supernatural beings. Every place and time in human history includes a lot of different beliefs — including atheism. In modern times, atheism has become the common trend in the liberal western world. It has been used to ridicule higher values, and trick our youth into the dark alleys of aimless materialism (the belief system in this case becoming the ruling class media).

By the early 18th century, disbelief was gaining ground in Europe. By the end of the century, philosophers were openly challenging religious power and ideas and establishing modern concepts of human rights and individual liberty. It all culminated in the French Revolution. The idea that God didn’t really exist was always bubbling under the surface and occasionally shooting out sideways through someone who just couldn’t stand to keep it quiet. Then the early feminists of England and the United States made it plenty clear that they considered religion to be an obstacle in the way of women’s rights.


Science gave atheism a substantial push forward in the 19th century. By paying close attention to the natural world, Darwin made it possible to be an “intellectually fulfilled atheist.”

However, atheism does not guarantee good behavior any more than religion does, and “Absolute power corrupts absolutely” becomes a tragically telling phrase in the 20th century, when Communism arises.

Historically, the most notable spread of atheism was achieved through the success of the 1917 Russian Revolution, which brought the Marxist-Leninists to power. Bolshevik communists were not merely atheists but, according to Lenin’s terminology, militant atheists. However, prior to this, the Reign of Terror of the French Revolution established an atheist state, with the official ideology being the Cult of Reason; during this time thousands of believers were suppressed and executed by the guillotine.

Communism as secular Christianity

Christianity became “outdated”, and Marxism was created when science in general and sociology in particular, became ever more important.


In Marxist philosophy, the expression “cultural hegemony” refers to the beliefs, explanations, perceptions, values and moral norms of a ruling class whose worldview is accepted as the cultural norm or “universally valid dominant ideology.” According to the student radicals of 1968, the ruling classes of western societies had for centuries promoted Christianity as their dominant ideology, not because it is true, but because it served their political and economic interests. Thus, in order to destroy their power, it followed that one had to undermine the so-called cultural hegemony of Christianity itself.

The Italian Communist Antonio Gramsci drew a distinction between what he called a “war of manoeuvre” and a “war of position”. The war of manoeuvre was the Stalinist model. One simply used political violence to achieve one’s ends. But Gramsci thought this would not work in the more highly developed Western countries. For these countries, he recommended a war of position. A war of position is one in which one first identifies “switch-points of social power” and then one seeks to peacefully take control of those switch-points. The switch-points all relate to the field of cultural values – in particular, the arts and education. The most important switch-points of power are positions like school principal, university professor, government policy maker, education department bureaucrat and journalist.

In 1967, Rudi Dutschke, a German student leader, reformulated Antonio Gramsci’s philosophy of cultural hegemony with the phrase, “The long march through the institutions.” Instead of a long military march, such as the one undertaken by the Chinese Marxist Maoist Tse-Tung, in the highly developed western countries the long march would be through the most culturally significant of our social institutions – that is, through schools, universities, courts, parliaments and through the media, through newspapers and television.

The great temptation of that decade was to transform Christianity into moralism, and moralism into politics, to substitute believing with doing. This was against the principle that in all things, the encounter with Christ is central. This Christocentric view was replaced with a reading which sought to correlate the teachings of the Church to elements within the culture of liberal-modernity. This is how the modern western Church became cucked.


The historical left and the left of today

The term leftist derived from the French parliamentary system, where the royalists were on the right side in the parliament and the pro-revolutionaries on the left side. But as a concept, it’s far older: The most familiar example can be seen in how the Indo-Europeans treated the basic directions. As we have seen, the opposition between the Proto-Indo-European words for right and left also presents a systematic opposition between the concepts of propitious, healthy, strong, dexterous, and the left which is unfavourable, unsound, weak, or, to use the Latin word, sinister. This opposition is also sexual since the right side or right hand is regularly associated with males and the left with females.

Somehow, this translates well into what the left has become today. The cultural Marxist left of is nowadays mostly about anti-Christianity, and has basically become a political interest organization for Islam. Europeans historically represent the Christian religion, and nowadays, the most vocal supporters of Christianity, come from America. You can still be a fanatic bible thumper in America, whereas elsewhere, like modern secular northern Europe, it’s usually looked down upon, and in the Middle East you’ll be persecuted for your Christian beliefs.

The hypocrisy of the left is that its criticism is one-sided and totally absent when it comes to Muslim countries or African countries and so on. That’s where the left is totally silent. Part of the reason the left behaves like this, is because the left is very racist in its worldview, and basically acknowledges that non-whites can’t handle being criticized like adults. To some extent this is also true, because look at how Muslims rage worldwide whenever some untalented Scandinavian cartoonist draws a lame cartoon of Muhammed, as a case in point. Real men — as in adults — don’t get offended by such silly shit.

The same actually goes for the left itself, and the absolute intolerance for criticism of its dogmas. This is the mental midgetry of the leftist crowd. They can’t argue rationally for their beliefs and so they resort to violence. They have problematized all aspects of life apart from their own. This is because the sacrosanct international Socialist Marxist flagship wants to replace the western world (the international bourgeoise), with the third world (the global proletariat).


The reason why the left is so anti-America is because America represents the last major bastion of not only Christianity, but also old school white rule, and European traditions in general. Capitalism is still strong in America, and Christianity is seen as the “white man’s religion”. That’s why Christianity and not Paganism or whatever, is constantly being attacked by secular humanists and feminists alike. This is quite ironic, since their values are actually derived from Christian teachings in the first place, and they do that, not because they’re opposed to Christianity per se (which if practiced in its real form, actually is a leftist, socialist and feminist religion), but because they’re opposed to “the evil white man”.

This is why the liberals absolutely hate Donald Trump.

Our resurgence

So, the conclusion is that it’s fruitless to try to build a good value system with the lack of a higher principle (i.e. God). Atheism should be the notion that God as a person doesn’t exist and not a movement to dismantle Christian values and mock the religious heritage of our ancestors, nor disturbing the everyday lives of religious people.


As a Traditionalist, I affirm every religion has a common spiritual truth. I believe that the logos of the universe, the metaphysical Absolute, is the essence and cause of all existence. People are better off in the long run striving to better understand and develop a personal relationship with this primordial being rather than simply enjoying temporal degeneracy, eating junk food and worshiping celebrities on TV (religion substitutes).

The emperor is naked, and the leftist fortress is right now crumbling under its false doctrines and historical lies. Equality is cold, lifeless and utterly unromantic. We shall re-connect to the power outlet of our ancestors, and build a future from a rooted common identity – because like plants, men cannot exist without roots. Traditionalism is the most revolutionary ideology of our times, and we must be relentless against the tyranny of the Left.

Harmony, rather than domination and destruction, with the natural world and a challenging of materialism in all of its manifestations becomes increasingly important to forging a viable spiritual path for the European people. Communism and capitalism were always two false oppositions on the same side of the materialist spectrum. For the salvation of the West, there’s only one right path.



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Konservativ realist. Genomskådar politik via själslig och filosofisk analys av människans natur och vår samtid.

3 Comments on Dismantling the Red Beast

  1. Let’s not forget though, even when trying not to promote the usual rhetoric and dogma, we must look at the instigator. Rabbi Goldschmidt of Moscow, recently admitted: Jews and Muslims are natural allies in Europe”. Whilst haranguing weak White men, we must look at the readons they have become feminised and cuckolded.


  2. joenorthpal // May 8, 2016 at 3:29 pm // Reply

    blah blah blah, we heard it all before,
    Be a man, take control, live up to your heritage, all this other friggin circular nonsense is for a libertoon utopia.
    The Rus are still in Russia, Ukrainians in Ukraine,Chinese in China alive and well, why?
    The anvil of Racial/ Ethnic integrity, local traditional/heritage values outlasted the Bolshevik hammer.
    It has all to do with destroying the European at a genetic/biological level, destroying/lowering the mean IQ of the racial stock.
    Islam is a perfect vehicle for that, it has conquered approximately 70 nations destroying the racial stock.
    Flooding European nations with hordes of third world low IQ invaders to create a new ‘man’ intellectually/emotionally/creatively/physically dependent upon a swollen egg laying monstrosity cared for by a few guardian keepers of the nest.
    Once the mean IQ falls below 90, thousands of years of cultural/scientific/philosophical achievement cannot be maintained and vanishes in a puff of smoke.
    The new segregated priest class rises upon the backs of the truly inferior masses.


  3. The atheism of today is worthless. Instead of just being a lack of belief – which is a personal matter – it has become a system, one that does everything it can to attack Christianity and tradition. Islam, and especialy Judaism, are generally ignored by atheists because most atheists are cowards; the title of “Islamophobe” or “anti–Semite” are too frightening for them.

    You’re right in saying Christianity is being attacked because it’s seen as a religion of white people. This is why it’s in our best interests to defend typically Christian cultural practices, even if we’re not Christians. Marriage, Christmas, nativity scenes, Easter, “In God We Trust,” and “under God” should be defended because they are not just a part of Christianity, but they are also a part of traditional American culture.

    I am not religious; I do not believe in a god or gods, but I acknowledge that I live in a defacto Christian country with traditions and cultural practices derived from Christianity. I have never attempted to undermine these, as it’s not my business to destroy the culture of a majority of my family, friends, and neighbors. I also dislike the alternative offered: scientism, the Joe Rogan cult, the “we’re just star dust” crowd. Man needs his myths; they give him purpose and drive.

    That being said, I believe Christianity is too weak to destroy the Bolshevik Beast and Cultural Marxism. As you point out, most Christians today are nothing more than Marxist puppets. Christianity doesn’t have any balls.

    Nationalism has balls, and it has the right kind of men getting behind it. Trump is feared more because he’s a nationalist than a defender of Christianity. Going forward, it will be nationalism that kills the Marxist machine, not religion.

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