First Muslim Mayor of London

more to follow

Mr Khan’s victory – which gave him the largest personal mandate of any politician in UK history – ends eight years of Conservative control of City Hall.

The son of a bus driver and textile worker who grew up on a council estate is officially the Mayor of London.

A council house is a form of public or social housing built by local municipalities in the United Kingdom and Ireland.

Sadiq Khan’s remarkable rise to the biggest job in the capital makes him not only the first Muslim Mayor of London, but also the bastion of multiculturalism, integration and social mobility.

Khan pleaded with Londoners to choose hope over fear, support him in his quest to make history and stand up against Islamophobia and negative politics.

And guess what?

Would he represent what the entire world expects the London mayor to look like?
Do you expect the Karachi mayor to look like a Viking ?

In the most multicultural city in the world, home to over one million Muslims, he was voted in BECAUSE he was Muslim not in spite of it.
After becoming the most powerful Muslim politician in Europe, Khan says the Prime Minister David Cameron and his defeated opponent, Zac Goldsmith deployed tactics “straight out of the Donald Trump playbook”.
Tories tried to get  Khan to answer questions about  platforms he had shared with extremists in his radical past and defended them in his time as a human rights lawyer.
Labour claimed it was Islamophobic, and the Tories said this response was “playing the race card” to prevent legitimate questions being raised.

Khan, who sought support from London’s financial-services industry during the campaign, has pledged to join the fight to keep Britain in the European Union in the referendum on June 23. Goldsmith, is in favor of leaving the bloc.
One factor in the victory appears simply to be the resilient character of Labour tribalism in London.

Last September Khan blasted David Cameron saying,”he is petrified to do the right thing over the refugee crisis. This is not about the EU. It’s not about open borders. And it’s certainly not about economic migrants. It’s about humanity and basic decency“.


Leftist world wide celebrate

News of Khan’s win in the British capital featured on the front pages of all major Pakistani newspapers, while also causing a stir on social media.

Congratulations @SadiqKhan 4 being elected mayor of London,” tweeted Bilawal Bhutto, leader of the opposition Pakistan People’s Party and son of former prime minister Benazir Bhutto.

Hillary Clinton tweeted:’Son of a Pakistani bus driver, champion of workers’ rights and human rights, and now Mayor of London. Congrats.’

New York Mayor Bill de Blasio, whom Khan quoted during his campaign, was one of the first to recognize his victory.
Sending congratulations to London’s new mayor and fellow affordable housing advocate,” he said on Twitter.
Look forward to working together!”

The Left network and support one another in a world wide coalition.
The Right circle jerk and support no one in a world wide masturbation.

Guess which side has been winning?

5 Comments on First Muslim Mayor of London

  1. mattinbritain // May 8, 2016 at 8:43 am // Reply

    Good article Joe – the fact that this guy has known links to exremists and terrorists is not allowed to be mentioned by the opposition because you are racist and hate the enrichment of Islam and its message of peace if you mention, nevermind that it’s actually all true. They just persist with the false narrative; that there are tiers in British Islam: the 99.99999% who love a pint down the pub and think the queen is a lovely lady and have no bias towards Islamisation of Britain… and then half a dozen crazy guys with no connections or backing who push some crazy Islamic Caliphate message that aparently other muslims hear and are like “what? who is this guy? Islam take over Britain? Haha no thankyou, we like our white neighbours”… Whereas in reality 100%, yes 100% of Muslims are in the same tier. That is the tier that either supports, or is happy to allow, an Islamic takeover of our country and our institutions and the eventual segregation and taxation of non-muslims. These so-called ‘extremists’ are attending everyday mosques, not fringe groups that meet in a basement. They are enforcing Sharia law openly in Britain’s streets. They ARE the mainstream. They ARE the ‘moderates’. It just isn’t the case that there are these separate tiers, and the ‘moderates’ have nothing to do with these crazy radical guys… It’s all part of the same network. They all eat from the same trough and they ALL share an allegiance to Islamic brothers over their British citizenship. (that’s if they even are citizens). Numerous interviews with ‘mainstream’ Imams and Islamic authorities in this country show they have NO problem bringing in Sharia law to England, or preferencing Muslims over non-Muslims in their local societies. This is just ‘the Muslim way’ they say. Then they say the terrorists are ‘not Muslims…’ for following what these mosques teach millions of young men which hatred for the nation. Hilarious, these are boys from your Islamic enclaves who go to your mosques and are radicalised by the ‘moderate’ preachers.


  2. All it takes to radicalize even a non-practicing Muslim is disillusionment and nefarious encouragement. You can’t import millions of people with a violent religion and expect them to behave like good Brits. When the bread and circuses system comes to an end, these people are going to turn into a very dangerous enemy. Right now, Britain and other European countries are essentially bribing them to remain relatively peaceful.

    Seeing this liberal idiot with his stupid sign and knowing he has ties to terrorists makes me think only one thing: Enoch Was Right.


  3. London has been a Muslim dumping ground for decades now so the only thing I am surprised by is that it took this long for a Muslim Mayor to take London. only a matter of time before a Muslim resident takes 10 Downing Street.


  4. The step is one, of three. He, or another alien, as Tony Blair wrote, in 1997, will be Prime Minister. Three, will be Sharia law. No White opposition will be found.


    • joenorthpal // May 8, 2016 at 4:02 pm // Reply

      Really, can you honestly expect anything less?????
      A low IQ race/ethnicity cannot operate/maintain/build/prosper in a high IQ society.
      Europeans MUST on a genetic basis be brought down to the level of the hordes.
      This is unbiased natural law at it’s basic and finest.
      No mystery here, no great conspiracy here, the only stone unturned is the separated/isolated class be it economically, racially, culturally who maintain their integrity that leaves them the only ones fit/capable to rule.
      Egypt had their priest class, Rome had their patricians, etc.
      All the blood and bones of European ancestors that nourished the soil sprouting the beautiful societal green fields of property rights, freedoms and liberties today’s Europeans are privileged with is a guilt they just cannot bare.
      If that is the case, then I guess racial suicide is an honorable fate.

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