Fathers and Yoga Pants

Working at an elementary school, there are plenty of asinine and destructive things I could talk about, but there is one thing that really disgusts me: seeing young girls wearing skin-tight clothing.

There is no decorum anymore. Young girls are seemingly allowed to dress however they want. They wear yoga pants or leggings (or whatever they’re called) to school, and it makes me wonder if they even have fathers. I don’t have children, but if I have a daughter, she will not be wearing such clothing.

The first week I worked there, I turned to my boss and said, “Would you have let your eight-year-old daughter wear yoga pants?” He responded as a good father should: “Fuck no.”

A daughter’s wardrobe should have to pass her father’s inspection. A father should ask: does this make my daughter look slutty, homeless, or crazy? If yes, it gets thrown out.

I know where this desire to wear yoga pants comes from: adult women. These young girls want to emulate older women. I’m far from an expert on children, but it seems to me girls are more impressionable than boys. This is why fathers need to lay down the law because girls get no help from their mothers who apparently either don’t care what their daughters wear or who encourage their daughters to wear this shit.

The teachers are also very bad examples. As a man, I love seeing early twenties knockouts wear yoga pants. It’s great. The problem is the girls emulate these teachers, and now third graders dress like adult women, women who leave nothing to imagination.

My grandmother would tell me, when I would dress myself as a boy, “always leave the house looking respectable.” Skin-tight clothing on young girls is not respectable. Strong grandparents can help, but it must be strong fathers who put an end to their daughters dressing like harlots.

Maybe where I live this is more common, but I wouldn’t be surprised if it is common elsewhere. Does anybody see this where they live? Are there any fathers out there with daughters? How do you handle your daughter’s choices in clothing?

4 Comments on Fathers and Yoga Pants

  1. joenorthpal // May 9, 2016 at 6:02 pm // Reply

    My experience was when the girls hit around 12 yrs got into competition with early developing peers.
    It was developing tits, bras, stuffing bras, make up, painted nails and toe nails, and hair styles,
    Little stud muffins.
    I had a problem with one of their young aunts, who not with any bad intentions, influencing and teaching them to use make up.
    It was the wife who stepped in and straightened that out, she did the main raising of the girls in those things.
    Then they hit the privacy stage, which I respected, back then it was drugs I worried about, I made it very clear if they lied or any nonsense I would never trust them again.
    That they took to heart, but things are different now with the predators they let in the country.


  2. I agree Matt.. Having daughters myself, it is a challenge cause they are very easily influenced by their peers..
    I put my foot down, even though my 14 yr old thinks I’m crazy..
    Too bad.. we have to be careful though because not allowing a little freedom , they will sometimes want to rebel, and that could backfire.. Basically we need to use discretion and give them positive fun alternatives.
    Good right up!
    And yes, in so cal. I see that all the time


  3. I understand the need to pick and choose your battles. I applaud anyone trying to raise their kids the right way in this screwed up culture. As a daughter gets older, I’m sure a good father wouldn’t object to her wearing yoga pants if, as Joe wrote, he can trust her to avoid drugs.

    BTW, build the wall and deport because, as Trump said, sombebody’s doing the raping.


  4. Good article. Little girls are just impressionable. They see adult women wearing slutty outfits and refusing to acknowledge the consequences that they bring on themselves, and they believe that is acceptable behaviour. The problem is SO widespread now though. Even the average girl will wear tops with her boobs spilling out, where she has to pull it back up every ten yards. And then they get mad at guys for staring. As if they don’t know what they are doing. Like what, did you wear that top to bring out the colour of your shoes?! Women are clever like that, they play dumb when held to account. “How could we have known the sight of 98% of my legs and my boobs popping out would have an effect on men”… don’t blame me for dressing slutty blame my rapist… so how is it hookers know to wear revealing clothing to tempt men, and you claim you don’t know what you’re doing… they know men respond to visual sexual stimulus like the shape and form of a female body. Any man, rapist or not, is going to be more tempted to act in pursuit of sex if he sees a woman dressed like a slut, compared to if she’s wearing a potato sack. Yet women claim not to understand this…
    Men are cursed with being in this constant limbo of being turned on by slutty girls all around them showing it all off but they can’t do anything about it, they try and approach a girl they could end up on some website where girls humiliate guys who have attempted to ask them out or get their number, they could get publicly shamed and embarassed. It’s a curse I tell ya. These women don’t understand, you don’t tease a starving lion with food. Nor should you expect to be viewed as a respectable woman when you show your body off to every man who passes you on the street! Sex is a NEED for men. There’s a whole multi-billion dollar industry catered to men to satisfy that need (porn). It’s morally wrong for woman to be putting men through that constant humiliation of seeing but not being able to have. That constant teasing, coupled with emasculation and humiliation if you actually try to approach most of these girls out there, is leading to a state of mass sickness and imbalance in the minds of men. It’s one of the reasons our men are so F****D up. They are in a constant curse of having their sexual desires exploited through seeing half naked women EVERYWHERE and yet not getting the desire met… That is a recipe for a perfect storm.


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