PTD Wild West #1

This is a repost of episode one which I originally posted as a link.

In the first episode of PTD Wild West Tyler covers the following topics, Trump N.Y., Violence, Preparedness, Warrior Mentality, Fire-Arm Ownership as a Sacred Responsibility, Posturing and Swagger, Family, P.T.T.S.D. ( post traumatic truther stress disorder) and its cure- P.T.D., Traditional Gender Roles, Local Politics, Trumps Strategy for REVENGE, [MIR] Strength is the Key to Success, *Plus a very special celebrity guest stops by with a few words!, and Boots on the Ground with Business Cards…

1 Comment on PTD Wild West #1

  1. joenorthpal // May 11, 2016 at 12:03 pm // Reply

    Christians beware? Sheet……we’ll chop off 2000 heads in a heart beat.


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