Reduce the National Debt

Trump: I’ll reduce the national debt by getting creditors to accept less.

Donald Trump sent shudders through the international financial community.
They scream about tanking the world economy.
It seems the world economy depends on the FED printing money out of thin air requiring Americans to their benefit, cover it all perpetually paying taxes through real productivity and property.

We are too unsophisticated, fat, and stupid to understand how a well developed world financial system with it’s integrated bond markets works.
Er…..I mean, works us.

I see the unskilled pompous asses of internationalism are scared to death of deflating the fiat balloon that holds up the trough they gorge on.
Oh Gee, useless consumerism would cease to exist and all the useless eaters would starve to death. Hmmm…..sitting with begging bowls wishing they actually learned a useful trade others would actually find useful enough to trade for food.

So the welfare state dies along with the paper pushing technocrats who actually think they provide value to a healthy society.

Burn Baby Burn, or learn to actually work for your daily bread.

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