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For the next few days, this post, with contact details for PTD:UK, will be stickied on the front page of the site. Any and all UK PTD’ers get in touch NOW. Today me and Alex have been planning PTDUK2, which will involve some sort of campaigning for Brexit and hopefully a meet and greet of those who have the balls to DO something outside of internet land. Later activities such as hiking, and self-defense classes led by professional EXPERTS will only be open to people who we are sure are the right people to be on board with this website: That is to say, that if you are not the sort of person who will respond to this sticky and meet us at the next PTDUK meeting in early June (or at least let us know why you can’t and that you’re interested in the networking and activities we are offering), you are not the right person for this website. If you don’t have the attitude that you want to get off your arse and do something that will improve you as a man and put you in an environment where other men will encourage you and hold you accountable, you aren’t the right person for this site.


IMPORTANT NOTICE: Due to some bugs in the system and a discrepancy caused by the time difference in the satellites over Britain and the States, your humble host ‘dun goofed’ and in his previous article listed the e-mail address wrongly – the upshot of this is that anyone who wrote to the email given in yesterday’s article WILL HAVE TO DO SO AGAIN at the following address:

^Email us here^


If you aren’t sure whether we got your mail, EMAIL AGAIN.

I, Matt, host the radio show for the PTD branch of the UK, and Alex is going to do the administration and organising. We are ITCHING to meet other REAL MEN who want to Make Britain’s Men Great Again.


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