Message to Strong Black Men… Get off the Plantation!

Radio Britain: Episode#5

*I had to bump this show, it was that good, and that important! This week's episode deals with the weak-ass black men blaming everyone else for their broken communities. I call out the black men of America and Europe and expose the bullshit PC narrative of excuses and whitey-blaming that holds them down, and give real solutions that are too real to handle for welfare sponges and criminal-factory single mothers. Your plantation mentality is no longer welcome here.

This episode is entirely about the crippling philosophy that haunts the majority of blacks out there. The mindset that they must demands ‘gibs’ from white society, and cannot POSSIBLY survive among their own kind. Why should I raise my kids when the state will do it for me and pay me for it? Why should I get married and take care of my family when that’s gonna affect my thug lifestyle? Why should I settle down with a woman? Shouldn’t I keep my pimp-arm strong? Why should I get a job when I can hustle? Why should I be anything other than black trash? Oh, and whitey, you have to pay for it all. Why should you stop gang violence? maybe the police should stop arresting black criminals? Why should we stop making babies? Maybe Obama should increase welfare?

This is the shameful, degrading mentality of the black community. This episode is a red-pill for the black man who needs to take some MF’ing pride in himself and look at the shit in his own house before he worries what Whitey is doing in his. This show features 4 sound clips from great black men who talked the real shit, not the ‘whitey-must-gibs’ philosophy, the true black pride that it takes to look your people in the ye and recognise problem number 1 in the black community is… the weak negro.

The theme of this episode, the weak negro, and the house negro.

  • If you think Tupac Shakur is a role model for black youth, you may be a house negro-ist.
  • If you think it’s okay for a black man to marry a white woman, you may be a house negro-ist.
  • If you think black single mothers do a great job, and are brave, courageous, strong women… you may be a house negro-ist.
  • If you think black men should be allowed to abandon the children they make, you may be a house negro-ist.
  • If you think police racism is one of the big problems facing the black community… you may be a house negro-ist.
  • If you cringe at phrases like ‘nigger’ but have no problem with ‘white trash’, you may be a house negro-ist.
  • If you think black people are marginalised in academia and hollywood, you may be a house negro-ist.
  • If you think it’s great to vote for Obama, ‘cos “he a brutha”, but would never vote for Trump, because it might mean getting a job, you may be a house negro-ist.
  • If you think black people use welfare to ‘get back on their feet’, then you may be a house negro-ist.
  • If you think white people need to be more accepting of black integration, you may be a house negro-ist.
  • If you think gangs can be a positive influence on black youth, you may be a house negro-ist.
  • If you think white people shouldn’t be allowed a opinion on black issues, because we don’t know how hard it is to be black, you may be a house negro-ist.
  • If you think ‘society’ is using guns, drugs, welfare, and prisons to keep the black man down… YOU ARE DEFINITELY A HOUSE NEGRO.

If you wanna use blaming whitey and the white boogeyman as your motivation to straighten out your black neighbourhoods, FINE, don’t threaten me with a good time, cos I’ll take it. But actually do something. Get the drugs, guns, and gangs out of your neighbourhoods. The time of having your cake (blaming whitey for your own problems) and eating it too (fucking white women, and collecting welfare while your men promote gang culture and refuse to end the cycle of single mother-ism) is OVER.

Step up, black man.


9 Comments on Message to Strong Black Men… Get off the Plantation!

  1. Good, honest article. Blacks, by and large, are the world’s premier “easily-led” folk.


  2. Interesting show.

    Are there any blacks that have a membership to RMN and would therefore be able to listen to this?

    I have an Amazon Rain Forest Tribe approach to blacks… Zero interference.

    I agree that blacks should embrace their history and culture. But do you think they will gib up da gibs for this?


    • mattinbritain // May 8, 2016 at 3:51 pm // Reply

      Thanks for your comment – I’ve made the show free now so it can get out to a wider audience. My personal opinion is that black people as a race have their own problems and their own journey, their own destiny to shape. And that means getting off of whitey’s back and out of his yard. You can never get anywhere as a people if you are in a state of separation from your spiritual grounding, which is the belief systems and pride in your culture. Living off the white man, and trying to be some weird mix of black and white (culturally), and demanding to be involved in white society, rather than putting your energy into your own people and getting out of a dependent situation, is the number one problem with blacks.

      It’s easy to diss them and point and laugh, but we all have our weaknesses before us. Our people blame the jew boogeyman and are so afraid of our own skin colour that we spend our whole lives trying to prove we aren’t racist to the point of our own destruction… We are by no means perfect and given the position our people are currently in, we have no right to laugh at anybody or put anybody down. We should let them stand completely on their own two feet as you say. But are we going to make some white-only society and build a wall around it tomorrow? Not a chance. Right now blacks are in our communities and therefore we have to find strategies to deal with their culture’s problems. Any other strategy means prolonging the welfare leeching and criminal-raising single mother cycle.


  3. Yeah, Matt this one should be posted free on the site. To my knowledge, there is only 1 non-European member.

    BTW… What happened to the description for the show?


  4. mattinbritain // May 8, 2016 at 3:23 pm // Reply

    Okay Rich, not sure where the description has disappeared to :/ somethin’ funny going on here. Will edit it back in, and put the show in the main article for free.


  5. Is there a youtube link to that last clip of that preacher guy? that was powerful


    • mattinbritain // May 9, 2016 at 6:38 am // Reply

      Hi Carsick – Pastor James Manning can be googled and yes he is also all over youtube. He’s great. Talks the real shit and doesn’t pander to the whiners. In one of his videos he says white people are being pushed too far, and are close to breaking point, and when it comes he will join them!


  6. This was some powerful shit bro. Further shows why our message is the RIGHT message. This is CO-nationalism right here. Grow a pair, black man, and show some PRIDE!

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