Abandon the Constitution

Conservatives often praise the Constitution and its importance, yet their dedication to this document is their weakness. Our enemies don't adhere to the Constitution, but they are more than glad to use it to browbeat conservatives back into their bitch corners. As nationalists, do we need the Constitution?

No, we don’t need the Constitution. The Constitution is a piece of parchment with ink on it. It cannot govern or unite. Those who do not appreciate American political culture will never abide by its maxims. Given the demographic changes since 1965, the Constitution does not keep us free. It shackles us.

Here’s an example. How many of us support the second amendment? The right to keep and bear arms is the most important right we have, for it is the only tangible right. Yet, I don’t support the second amendment; I support gun ownership and concealed carry. If the second amendment is repealed, I still support gun ownership and concealed carry. Molon labe. The second amendment is useful, but in its absence, I will not become a gun control advocate because corrupt idiots approved a new amendment. If the second amendment is repealed, how many American men would have to choose between their beloved Constitution and their beloved guns? Strong men choose guns; weak men choose paper.

Men who are ardent defenders of the second amendment are usually the same men who blather on and on about how great the Constitution is, how it’s the best political document ever written, and how we should hold to a strict originalist interpretation. Think of Glenn Beck and his goofball followers. Some of these guys anchor themselves to the entirety of the Constitution only so no one can claim they are inconsistent. This is why a man should support gun ownership and concealed carry, not the second amendment. The entirety of the Constitution includes much poison. Women’s suffrage? It’s the reason for the treason.

The Constitution is a reflection of a political spirit held by noble men some 200+ years ago. I respect this spirit, but I don’t abide by the words they wrote, particularly when these words function as a tool for our enemies. When we heap praise upon the Constitution, we drive another nail in our own coffin.

We must abandon the Constitution. And we must always remember that America and Americans existed long before the Constitution was written and ratified. Similarly, America and Americans can – and will – exist long after the Constitution is discarded. We have no other choice if we want to live as free Americans.

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  1. Great piece Matt, couldn’t agree more!


  2. joenorthpal // May 14, 2016 at 6:19 am // Reply

    “The entirety of the Constitution includes much poison. Women’s suffrage?” – no that is not the case. I am not sure of your understanding of what the constitution is or intended to be.
    There are amendments to the constitution, The Bill of Rights is the collective name for the first ten amendments.
    The constitution was a coup of the Articles of Confederation, by the wealthy federalists.
    Every state had and has a constitution, A constitution is a set of fundamental principles or established precedents according to which a state or other organization is governed.
    It is not a constitution nor any other legal document that makes someone ‘free’ or whatever the hell that means, it is your participation in your society that determines that outcome.
    Nitpicking what you don’t like after the fact is a much FEMENIZED stance.
    If you are not as committed to the political process as your enemies, well as Plato stated “One of the penalties for refusing to participate in politics is that you end up being governed by your inferiors.”

    Unless of course, the utopia of a stateless society where everyone is intelligent, mentally, emotionally, stable enough to freely contract.
    But, one trip to the local mall destroys that fantasy rather quickly.


    • We would’ve been much better off with the Articles.

      America was never really set up to be a unified “nation.” It’s held together by ideas and principles. This country was always really a collection of nations with extremely different regional economies, attitudes, populations, and cultures.

      Just think about the populations alone, a “south” that stretched in the early days from Maryland to Georgia dominated by a planter class, with the Deep South eventually having African populations that began to rival Europeans in number.

      And up here, all of these states functioned as separate entities… Mixed economies here, small farming, manufacturing, fishing, the fur trade (further north), lumber, ship building, with a powerful merchant class and later serious industrial growth.

      The spread out west at the time, think about the lives and the existence that these people had as they crossed the Appalachian mountains to eek out a new existence for themselves. The frontier albeit beautiful, was an unforgiving brutal place at times. These settlers were a tougher breed.

      Cattle ranchers, prairie life, miners further north, adventurers and risk takers further west.

      This place was always a collection of different nations shaped by so many different factors.

      Well after the convention as the 19th century set in and progressed… America was still very much a collection of nations regionally, ethnically, culturally, economically… and as the country grew in size and spread further west, with millions of Germans and later Irish entering the scene these differences became even more apparent.

      With the onset of the 20th century, bringing in new waves of “different” Europeans into the scene, your Southern and Eastern Europeans the country went through serious change, as the nation became more of an international player with our own form of Imperialism with the Spanish American War, and the Monroe Doctrine flew right the fuck out the window.

      The point is, that this country has changed so fast, so frequently in such a short amount of time that the Constitution (a document created for and by wealthy English men from the merchant class with Federalist sympathies designed to subjegate the States to federal authority) with a Trojan horse in the amendment process is not a document that has served us well in the more recent past.

      I’m not sure it ever did?

      However, to Joes point, it makes no sense for us to “complain” about it. We ultimately have to work within the system as it exists today and make it work for us!

      I think Matts point in the article is aimed at the Libertarian Constitutionalist Conservative, whos dick gets hard every time he pushes the CONstitution. The constitution, the constitution, the constitution… I hear these idiots on the right use this as a “debating” point all the time Joe. And it always fails. The average American doesn’t even know what the Bill of Rights is, yet these idiots fall back on this shit every time. I’ve heard it for the last 20 years and it’s an ineffectual taking point that goes nowhere.


      • joenorthpal // May 14, 2016 at 8:46 am //

        Well. I do not think there is or ever will be a perfect state or ‘constitution” or contract, I see it more as who participates or allowed to participate ie. vote.
        Even in homogeneous states, when every and any two legged creature “citizen” vote, you are on the path to destruction.
        That goes hand and hand with eugenics, biologically and socially.
        The dominance of the merchant class produced the leadership class solely by economic advantage, not merit.
        As far as settlers being a tougher breed, they surely were no tougher than those who first came ashore.
        The only incentive those settlers had was building a foundation for their offspring, which was squandered.
        Mass Immigration has always been a problem in America, we have always been a dumping ground for other nations problems. The 1848 revolutions brought us a million German socialist/marxist malcontents who went on to build the radical wing of the republican party, big government states in Wisconsin and later socialist Swedes Minnesota.
        That being that, it’s either control the beast or getting eaten up.
        It took a long consistent fight by the anglo americans from 1880-1920 to put the breaks on, but that was undone with women’s suffrage, again supported by socialist and eastern europeans.
        But here we are today, all of us being destroyed by this vicious strain of cultural marxism.
        The femenization is so fast and complete, it’s truly remarkable.
        Just a note for all the sports fans, 31 out of 32 NFL starting quarterbacks come from two parent households,
        and 26 of those come from economically well to do families.
        The foundation of Leadership at least in a competitive environment is directly associated with a strong, traditional, patriarchal family.


      • “I think Matts point in the article is aimed at the Libertarian Constitutionalist Conservative, whos dick gets hard every time he pushes the CONstitution. The constitution, the constitution, the constitution… I hear these idiots on the right use this as a “debating” point all the time Joe. And it always fails.”

        This is exactly my point. Sledge mentions this in his Medved “CON-sti-tution” bits. Conservatives are wed to this document “till death do us part.” Always losing in defense of the Constitution is the most failed strategy of conservatives, and we shouldn’t repeat their mistake.


    • The 19th amendment extended to women the right to vote. It’s as much a part of the Constitution as the Bill of Rights whether or not it was intended to be. This is why I say the entirety of the Constitution includes poison, not necessary parts of it. The Bill of Rights is fine. But many amendments added later have been destructive.

      I’m not sure how I’m nitpicking becuase you are just as critical of women’s suffrage as I am. I just pointed out that it’s in the Constitution.

      And I’m not suggesting anarchy or a libertarian society by any means. I’m being critical of those who uphold the Constitution as the only foundation of American government. They seem to forget that a nation is not created by it laws. Laws are changed by a nation. We can change our governmental structures and still be America and Americans. This is what conservatives like Beck don’t understand.


  3. Also… does it even matter now anyway when you consider the frequent use of executive orders? And this goes back to RR, Bush, Clinton, Bush, not just Obama.

    The argument here isn’t even the constitution, it’s Federal power. And it’s the concentration of Federal power that needs to be chipped away at now.

    And over the next 4 years, we will accomplish this under Trump with what will become a “Trump friendly” (Republican majority) Congress.


    • joenorthpal // May 14, 2016 at 8:54 am // Reply

      executive orders only relate to the executive branch, and that has always been the problem with a growing Federal government vs states rights.
      If we continue to let the Fed have education depts, EPA, and all the other powers that were never intended, well yes they have a hook in the states business.
      And that is only possible when we let the Fed be our states wet nurse, ie. Fed grants etc.
      So is it the Fed who is the problem or the states?


  4. joenorthpal // May 14, 2016 at 9:09 am // Reply

    lol…….Well I was alluding to that point in a round about way.


  5. Read this man’s thoughts on “Conservatism”.


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  6. Mikefromwashington // May 16, 2016 at 2:17 am // Reply

    Excellent article. Constitution has been altered so much that it no longer represents the intent of the founders. It was also written before Marxism and has failed as as ideology and document that could stop this culture rotting and nation wrecking creed of communism.
    We need something stronger that addresses this and other issues we now face.


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