Against all the odds, guided perhaps more by folly than bravery, in the Islamic Caliphate of Sadiq Khan that is now known as Londonistan, England, Great Britain, those sneaky bastards at PTD:UK have held an initial meeting to lay the groundwork for REAL WORLD action in the UK chapter of PTD. We here at PTD, under the banner of the Resurgence Media Network are taking the message of ‘lamenting our shitty futures from our bedrooms’, and turning it upside down. REAL MEN meet, they form alliances, they make plans, they share advice and ideas and get themselves on the same page.



No photos were taken, but this is an artist’s depiction of the glorious occasion.

That’s what we’re all about here at PTD. Leaving the basement and getting together with likeminded men, with the focus of creating something that is going to help our men fight back. And guess what, that’s exactly what happened. This site, this message, is not for freaks. It’s not for lazy do-nothings or no-hopers. Myself and Alex, who is the organiser and point-of-contact for PTD:UK, met OPENLY in a public café and talked about our plans for the UK chapter of PTD. There was no hiding. No secret messages left under a wheelie bin after dark. And still the boogeyman didn’t shut us down or storm in to arrest us for questioning the beauty of marxist globalism or cultural replacement. We also shared some tips and ideas on diets (we are both paleo dieters and I am keto), exercise, martial arts as an essential part of your exercise routine, and relationships.

On a beautiful sunny day, we met and started to talk about some REAL plans. Notice the word that keeps recurring here. REAL. Not hiding in a bedroom. Not nodding along to a radio broadcast and never actually doing shit. Not fantasising about the 4th Reich between sessions of porn. So for you fuckers out there who haven’t got the balls to even send us an email at and get on board with the UK chapter and our big plans here, get off this ship now. I will personally refund the money you paid to be here, in order to get your waste-of-space ass off this site if you aren’t going to do anything. If, on the other hand, you actually have some balls, let us know who you are and get involved with what we are doing. We (Alex and I) did it, and met in person, and now have the ball rolling…

Ideas for activities include hiking weekends, self-defense classes, group workouts, and traditional skills taught by experts, such as archery. When these things are done in groups they are DIRT cheap, but informative and useful.

We also discussed strategies, and shared our views on the situation we are in and many of the problems we face as well as what is the road forward.

If you want to fantasise about some magical world where our men are great again, muscly hulky alphas, who repel the invaders and win our women back, and are proper, masculine role models again… But you can’t do a little bit of work towards something REAL that is going to make that FANTASY become a REALity… This site is not for you. This isn’t your tea party so just piss off. There are loads of corners on the internet where you can waste your time. But don’t waste mine.Meetup1.jpg

PTD is now world-wide! This presents you with two choices. Get involved or be a cuck. There is no middle ground.

As of Thursday, when me and Alex met, only 2 people had been in touch with him to express an interest in REALly doing something. That… is pathetic. And when there are 14/15 supposed members from the UK, who paid their hard-earned money to be at this site and hear this message of ACTION and RESPONSIBILITY. It’s laughable. What is the action? Clicking on the site when you’re bored at work? What is the responsibility? Paying money to hear a message you have no intention of following? Go back to Netflix. You will get more time-wasting for your money there. Men of the UK, you need to up your game, son. This thing is growing and there is no waiting and hanging around, waiting for it to get bigger so you can just get swept along. It’s on you to join it, attend it, promote it.

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  2. It’s the same story here Matt, these people are deathly afraid because they’ve been listening to paranoid schizophrenic retards peddling poison and negativity here on the Internet for years.

    And they still frequent these places (other websites) that keep these guys handicapped, weak, pathetic, and helpless with a convenient excuse to pin everything on.

    It’s good to see you guys getting together over there, in a country, a nation that once ruled the waves and nearly every corner of the globe. Make worthy Britons Great Again!!


  3. It might be a good idea to provide some kind of email for these guys to get in touch with you. Create a post for PTD UK we’ll sticky it for a few days and post it in the meetup section!


  4. Tyler the Titan // May 13, 2016 at 2:10 pm // Reply

    Keep pushing forward kid! We’ll weed out the do-nothing cowards as we go!


  5. Senatssekretär Freistaat Danzig // October 18, 2016 at 8:08 pm // Reply

    Reblogged this on behindertvertriebentessarzblog.


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