Trump first bailout

Rich flips off $200 dinner leaves Christie short.
Donald Trump called in to make up shortfall.

Presumptive GOP nominee Donald Trump is helping dig former rival Chris Christie and the New Jersey Republican Party out of big debt they incurred from the George Washington Bridge scandal and the governor’s presidential campaign.

Trump on Thursday will attend a $25,000-per-person fundraiser for the state GOP to help it pay off about $500,000 incurred in legal fees responding to legislative subpoenas in the bridge scandal. Trump and Christie will headline the event as well as a separate, $200 per-person fundraiser to pay down Christie’s roughly $250,000 presidential campaign debt.

New Jersey taxpayers have spent more than $10 million for legal services for the Christie administration. Christie’s 2013 gubernatorial campaign also still owes nearly $1 million for legal services.

According to a new Quinnipiac poll released Wednesday, 72 percent of New Jersey voters oppose the idea of Christie as Trump’s vice president pick, while 18 percent are in favor.

Among Republicans, 64 percent said they disapprove compared to 27 percent who are in favor of a Trump/Christie ticket.

The poll also delivers Christie his lowest-ever approval rating, with 64 percent of voters disapproving of the job he is doing as governor and 29 percent approving. When narrowed to just Republicans in his state, his unfavorable rate remains high at 59 percent.

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8 Comments on Trump first bailout

  1. I just can’t get behind this fat fuck… I never liked him. I don’t trust this guy, never did. He’s from a town that I despise… Livingston, NJ. The whole hug and B-Ball on the boardwalk of the Jersey Shore with Obama. I have a personal vendetta against this whale from a former job I held. If he ends up in the administration, so be it. Maybe he’ll do a better job at the federal level.

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    • Yeah, ever since he went dancing with Democrat political boss of bosses George Norcross (no he’s not a bogeyman ) for that second term the thieving has been record setting. The first term knocking off Goldman Sachs Corzine and denying the union self enrichment planned bridge and tunnel debt bond rape of Jersey was big.
      But the WHITE middle class who want their unions, state jobs for life and multi-million dollar state pensions have kept the wind in the sails of the political bosses buccanneer and pirate ships.
      They just don’t give a fuck Rich, they have rape voted Jersey with leftists Dems and neocon Rhino’s for the last 40 years.
      No big mystery, no bogeyman, just selfish fucks getting all that they can out of the system before they jump ship out of state.
      Funny that a BRIDGE shutdown put fat boy in check, seems very ironic and symbolic.


      • True, the problem is so widespread here with pension abuse is infuriating to think about,.. and how many of these fucks are dippin in 3 and 4 times just by switching a “job” title, and what percentage of the funds were robbed and “redirected” to cover other “costs.”

        With that said… I still support the union worker and the guy that paid his dues over 10, or 20, or 30, or 40 years of work. They paid into that “system” every week to have a dignified retirement living on ONE pension. They should not be penalized as that money could’ve been invested elsewhere.


      • During the 2010 New Jersey State Budget fight using the latest federal data, Jeffrey Keefe, an associate professor at the university’s School of Management and Labor Relations, said the average total compensation for workers in the private sector with bachelor’s degrees is $89,041 compared with $56,641 for public workers.

        For workers with professional degrees — lawyers, say, or doctors — the gap is more dramatic: $175,141 in the private sector, $79,330 in the public.

        Where public outdoes private is among workers without much education. The average compensation for a public worker without a high school diploma is $41,000, compared with $27,719. With diplomas, employees in both sectors make $44,000.

        According to Keefe, comparing private and public employees with the same educational level, experience and work schedule shows private employees make 11 percent more in wages and 5 percent more in total compensation than public workers.

        Using older data, Rutgers faculty member, economist William Rodgers, said that between 1970 and 2000, the private employment market for less educated workers — especially men — collapsed. At the same time, the introduction of collective bargaining in the public sector allowed public workers to maintain wages and benefits.

        The gold mine these pencil neck job for life teat sucking buttagots under appraise is those benefits (retirement) and the cost to private sector state employer and employee tax payers.

        “It’s hard to show that public workers are overpaid compared to private sector workers,” said Keefe, but he quickly added: “Even though their wages are lower, it’s also hard to argue they are underpaid.”

        Public workers are more ‘educated’ than private — 57 percent have college degrees and higher, compared with 44 percent.

        But, what are these more ‘educated’ public workers actually producing?
        Other than a bigger, bloated, sloppier, more intrusive bureaucratic millstone around our necks.
        Same old argument, shouldn’t the comparison be value produced per dollar cost in compensation?

        New Jersey’s Economy: The 9 Industries Driving GDP Growth.


  2. BTW… Where did the text go for this article?


  3. It’s very rare that I agree with the people of NJ in mass, trust me, it’s almost never in recent years.

    But on this guy, they got it right for the most part.


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