PTD/Resurgence Meetup!

Today is our Meet Up! It’s not too late to join us… Please contact us ASAP for our Meet Up specifics. The meet up will take place at 11:00am in the Poconos, PA. Right across the Delaware water gap on the western border of New Jersey. Please confirm your attendance with me today, even if you already responded! You can comment below for a roll call, or email me directly here:

7 Comments on PTD/Resurgence Meetup!

  1. I live in AZ (Arizona), and Rich as much as I would LOVE to come to meet my fellow MEN who are in this cause, I simply don’t have the money. Definitely next year, and there will be NO excuses for that!


  2. Great news, good job rallying men together for this event.


  3. Yes, if anyone on the West Coast wants to do something like this, we certainly can. My number is posted in the contact list for California. I am in SoCal. Only a couple of men out here have reached out so far, so I’d like to hear from more people.


  4. mattinbritain // April 16, 2016 at 3:58 pm // Reply

    This sounds great. Wish I could be in the states to join in and support this. We will be doing our bit in the UK before long!


  5. Poconos? TPP’s Master Chim is up in that neck of the woods. Don’t tell me this is at his new place…


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