PTD:UK Episode#6

PTD radio is in the UK again. This week discussing the change in the stars; the pendulum has stopped swinging left for the first time for as long of us can remember, and our narrative is taking over the internet and even taking over the leftist’s ‘safe spaces’. I talk about a young historian who has released a documentary on the anglo-saxon roots and culture of our British people, and in the second half I talk about the disgustingvirtue-signalling corporations clinging on to leftist ideologies at their peril. Lastly I highlight why people are leaving the shackles of the mainstream media in droves for new forms of entertainment, by highlighting a ‘comedy’ show I saw on British TV last night, which contained no humour at all and was aimed at the leftists pro-diversity smarmy intellectual beta-crowd – and shows exactly why people every day are saying they’ve had enough of what the indoctrination companies have to offer and joining our side. Enjoy! MP3 DOWNLOAD

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