Young Men of the West need Resurgence Media!

Now if this was posted on the Daily Bitch Corner, Stormfag, RentAgay or any other “platform” for hobbyist retards… the message would read: “Helpless Innocent German teen viciously attacked by Migrant Invader… If only the boogeyman didn’t “let them in” this would never happen.” Boo hoo hoo, whoa is me, whoa is us, look what they’re doing, look at the sheer power of Woody Allen and Barbra Spectre. They did this to us. It’s not your fault, it’s not our fault. This cucked-out weak little blob (that just got slapped around like a hunts point whore) could serve plenty of good as a “soldier” for the internet troll “army.” He’d be great on the message boards, and a wonderful addition to the flat earth society!

Surely this has NOTHING AT ALL to do with our own men turning into a bunch little fags and BIG fat soft titty boys that refuse to stand up and fight? That refuse to get off their bitch corners? That refuse to support real platforms and organizations? That refuse to get involved, take back what we can, protect what we still have, or do anything at all?

Our men don’t need PTD, our men don’t need Resurgence…

No, fuck that, they need more bitch corners and internet troll armies.


3 Comments on Young Men of the West need Resurgence Media!

  1. Thanks for the post. I’d been procrastinating taking a self defense class. After watching this video I called and got set up to start taking classes next week.


  2. lextalionis33 // May 25, 2016 at 3:53 am // Reply

    Yes, a strong resurgent power through discipline is much needed amongst our brothers. This is the state of mind we need to go forwards with. No more BS. No more games. It doesn’t matter who likes it or not. Thanks for the reminder, Rich.


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