Strong Black Men, put a stop to this shit!

Rapper threatens to kill Donald Trump if he takes away his mom’s food stamps. Louisiana rapper Maine Muzik wants to kill Donald Trump because he’s afraid the presumptive Republican presidential nominee wants to take his “momma’s food stamps.” On the same week Muzik was visited by police for posting a video to his Instagram account where he, and a gang of thugs, showed off a stockpile of weapons, he released the video threatening Trump.

Just take a look at this pathetic lost soul. Another loser, another useless parasite, a maggot living off the system… begging the white man and “da gubamit” for continued handouts! Now, you might think of these handouts as trinkets, small tokens, and bribes to keep these people under control.

But let me ask you folks something… Would you consider $900.00 a month in food stamps alone small??? This is what a “family” of 4 receives from the SNAP program. That’s right folks. $900.00 a month, just for food, never mind housing, education, healthcare, medicine, childcare, subsidized utilities…. With a whole host of other FREE scams! This is out of fucking control.

And this kid in this video, is just a microcosm of the problem. A problem that’s widespread across this country with a disgusting attitude that accompanies it. Not an ounce of shame, taking pride in the FACT that his “family” (what’s left of it) survives literally off the backs of others. After 60 years of handouts, stripping the father out of the home, and forced “integration”… which destroyed black owned businesses and communities… this is what we’re left with now!

A population of deadbeats that consider themselves “adults” (without the responsibilities of an adult of course), illiterate retards, and an emasculated prison-bound youth in the black community that missed out on about 10,000 fatherly ass whippings!

But again… This isn’t the fault of the kids… where are the masses of Strong Black Men out there to counter this shit?

This disgusting attitude of entitlement is prevalent in every major metropolitan area and city in America today. And it’s a direct result of Weak Black Men! A direct result of not having strong men around, responsible men, hard working men, masculine men, that live their lives by a core set of values and ethics that produce healthy communities.

Black Man… You will continue to lose, you will continue to get weaker, you will become more and more dependent on other groups and other communities if your men don’t take back control and say enough of this shit. Enough of the whining, enough of this helpless “victimhood” mentality, it’s on us as men to change our people and our children.

As a black man, if you watch this video and listen to the pathetic nature and condition of this young man, and you don’t get disgusted… Then you my friend are the fucking problem. You’re the cause of this!

For the sake of your own community, put an end to this shit for good!

3 Comments on Strong Black Men, put a stop to this shit!

  1. The Great Society, brought to you by……..JFK/LBJ limousine liberals for a loyal dependent voting block.
    This feminized tortured kid fighting for his momma’s food stamps, not for his country, not for his community, not even for his self.
    Not for a decent job, not for his future, not for opportunity, not for his independence, not for manhood but for his out of control female mommy master.
    Reminds me of Swedes who sing the praises of their socialist Godhead as an epitome of Nordic achievement.
    Never mind the fact Nordics for thousands of years never needed nor had any type of socialist state to rise them from hunter gatherer groups to military and economic giants.
    But as all western european nations just about the same time in the early 20th century gave women the vote without all the obligations and responsibilities that went along with it.
    Within 15 years they all strode down that path of gradualism towards a feminized matriarchal paradise of marxism/socialism.
    That is the common thread throughout today’s so-called western civilization.
    It is also the common Urgency for MEN to start behaving like MEN again!


  2. LexTalionis33 // May 27, 2016 at 3:27 am // Reply

    Alleluia, I 2nd that!


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