Heroic Mothers in NC taking a stand againt Marxism!

Moms Suing the Government for Bathroom Privacy

Parents across the country have had about enough of this shit. And it’s not just the transgender freak show… that’s just the tip of the iceberg. America has suffered under a 60 year progression of sick fucks and leftist lunatics in our government pushing Social and Cultural Marxism not only on us, but more specifically on our children. That’s been their target from day one, the youth. They have no moral conscious, and children are simply a useful pawn.

The modern day liberal suffers from a sickness of the mind. Generally speaking… most of them are perverts, they’re usually childless, they’re deficient and lacking in just about everything, they failed most of their life, they never truly accomplished anything on their own, many of them were abused as children, the women are hideous, the “men” are pathetically soft, almost all of them are hopped up on psychiatric medication and marijuana, and they despise healthy communities and happy families with a mother and father in the home.

We must remove these perverts from government. We must free ourselves from their sick agendas and fight back NOW at the local and federal level. Get mad, but get involved, take ownership of what’s ours, fight for what we can still control, and give your children the future they deserve!

2 Comments on Heroic Mothers in NC taking a stand againt Marxism!

  1. Brilliant news, folks. Keep up the good work.


  2. LexTalionis33 // May 28, 2016 at 6:06 am // Reply

    To those of you whom do not know about some of the faces behind the HB2 bill of NC. Which has been endorsed and politicized by a variety of people, groups. and supposed causes. The one person whose at the forefront of the bill, yet, is still somehow unknown to the majority of our fellow Citizens…is a man by the name of Chad Eugene Sevearance. A convicted sex offender. Yes, that’s right brothers! A convicted sex offender! His last Known Address is: 1629 Oakdale Green Dr, Charlotte, NC 28216.


    Sevearance, who has gone by a whole host of aliases, was charged in 2000 while in Bessemer City, North Carolina with “three counts of lewd acts with a minor.” According to Upstate.com, Sevearance was a music minister at New Harvest Church of God in Gaffney, and the story the boys who were molested told is very disturbing.

    “The boy, now 16, was 14 when he said Sevearance fondled him in July 1998. He and the other alleged victims are members of New Harvest Church of God in Gaffney, where Sevearance was the music minister. The 16-year-old said Sevearance invited him to his Bessemer City home to spend the night, and he agreed. He testified that during the visit, Sevearance asked him how he’d feel about a man performing oral sex on him. “I thought he was joking,” the youth said. He said Sevearance frequently asked him about sexual acts between men and women, which upset him because of the man’s position in the church. He said following a revival meeting, he and Sevearance stayed overnight at the home of one of the other alleged victims. The three slept in the same bed, and during the night the boy said he woke up to find Sevearance fondling him. But he didn’t immediately report it, he said. “I was ashamed,” the boy said. “I thought there was something bad about me. ”
    The second boy, now 17, said he was 15 when Sevearance invited him to his home, where he showed him a pornographic video of a man and a woman having sex. He said later that night, after he and Sevearance went to sleep in the same bed, he woke up to find the man fondling him. “He told me if I ever told the pastor, he’d make me look like a fool and a liar,” the youth said. 

    These are the type of people that the Federal Government by way of the Governor of NC, employ to enact their sick policies of death and disease. Our safety is a none issue to them. Which means our children’s safety is a none issue to them. Nothing else can come of this, but the knowledge that it’s our time to counter their insanity.

    Are these women heroic?! Hell yea, they are! But, the question remains: Where the hell are my brothers at???


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