“New Nationalist Revolt” only at Resurgence Media

New Nationalist Revolt Path To Victory Broadcast. On this edition Mike Sledge discusses firearms, self defense, the culture war, Trump, socialist Marxist street vermin and much much more. Back from Vacation Sledge attacks the Bolshevik Beast more hardcore than ever before. This broadcast demonstrates why we at Resurgence Media are light years ahead of other platforms. Time to stand up take responsibility and destroy the enemy. Victory is on the horizon. Join The Revolt! The MP3 Download is archived for Subscribers only in the Resurgence Media Network.



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5 Comments on “New Nationalist Revolt” only at Resurgence Media

  1. What an incredible fucking show today Mike!!!

    A+ Material here

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  2. Hilarious shit man love it

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  3. Tyler the Titan // May 26, 2016 at 1:52 pm // Reply

    “My man Mike Sledge laying the HAMMER on the Bolshevik Beast as per usual”
    Posted to my FB.

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  4. William de Hewitt // May 27, 2016 at 4:20 am // Reply

    Mike, I do love your work, BUT… I reject all of the candidates! NONE of the candidates truly represent my views and my White folk! I am for the White working class, however the alt-right and Trump”s jewy CIVIC NATIONALISM will not help our cause. I know the alt-right and Trump are controlled opposition. I don’t trust them! What makes you think that Trump and the alt-Right will go in the direction we would like in the future? When was the last time we had a real, powerful opposition who has our views?
    I understand why you’re supporting Trump… baby steps for the neophyte nationalist.. bring them aboard slowly, I get it. If that’s what you want to do, that’s great… We need leaders like you to bring the new guys along.
    My position is a little further down the line… I do not want to work within the jewy democratic system… WE WILL LOSE THAT WAY! I reject, hate and want to overthrow those individuals within the International Bolshevik system that have infiltrated, perverted and enslaved us within our White countries. The ‘elite’ jew and White race traitor Shabbot Goy must be taken out and we must fill the vacuum! I realize this will be a very difficult and maybe an impossible task at this period of time. I’m figuring out exactly who the actual enemies are… I’m trying to identify the enemy, so when the time is right, angry White MEN will have a mission which is moral and noble.

    Cheers, Mike!
    ~William “de Goyim” Hewitt


    • William de Hewitt // May 27, 2016 at 5:36 am // Reply

      Also… I realize we have a 3rd world proxy army to destroy. I’m thinking bigger! I refuse to focus on the 3rd world proxy army… cut off the head funding them and watch how fast the 3rd world proxies will flee. And if they don’t leave they will be dealt with accordingly. I’ve realized my job is to identify and I am slowly identifying the individual, high up Masters within the Kehillah system who prop up the ‘elitist’ proxy zionist, communist and marxist armies who are running the corporate, banking and political systems. They are the enemies who are enslaving our weak and almost defeated White working class. Identifying the enemy is not “conspiracy theory” it is hard work figuring out who the real enemies are, who are not publicly known or out in the open.
      I probably should not have written all this for everyone to see and you may think I’m nuts, but I’ve decided I have nothing to lose! I’m at peace with myself and know who I am mentally, physically and Spiritually. We all must play the hand we’ve been dealt and the bottom line is noble, moral Aryan White men must secure a future for Aryan White women and children PERIOD
      By any and all necessary means!


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