Trump In MT!

Trump rocked a packed arena of 10,000 Montanans last night in Billings MT. He delivered an awesome improv speech and the western folk loved every minute of it.

The fuck-stick media did such a shitty job of covering this awesome event out here that I decided to post his speech in its entirety here at the manly media revolution, Resurgence Media.

During the event Trump received endorsements from two Montana politicians, U.S. Rep. Ryan Zinke and Mayor of Billings Tom Hanel.

This event dwarfed the pathetic crowds received by Bolshevik Bernie Sanders, and that sexual miscreant Bill Clinton earlier this month in MT.

In fact this was the largest crowd for a political candidate since Reagan visited MT in the eighties.




Montana has spoken and I am relieved that my neighbors out here still have some of that conservative sensibility.

As a new Montana resident I am also proud to say there were no protestors from either the Bernie camp or BLM, good folks out here.

It was a sunny clear evening last night as I was battling through rush hour traffic listening to the Donald speak, I opened all the windows in my car and blasted the speech as loud as my speakers could take, making sure every vehicle within earshot of my car could hear, then I began chanting “Trump! Trump! Trump!” for added effect.

I was a little unsure of where MT stood on Trump before last night. Now I see the truth I am surrounded by Trump republicans, ‘Trumplicans’!

I even had a beer last night I was feeling so elated and patriotic.



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