PTD Radio: Episode#51

Power Through Discipline Radio: Episode #51

***We’re Overturning It All***

Today’s show was news driven… we talked about modern entertainment and the disappearance of true comedy and humor. The difference between Social and Cultural Marxism and what they both aim to achieve. Trump driving the Clinton campaign insane! The beginning stages of real talk and a trace of honesty in politics? HUGE poll numbers for Trump among all demographics and a MAJOR shift in thinking and attitudes with the Millennial Generation warming up to the message of populist nationalism. I smell FEAR, fear in the air, and it smells damn good. We’re still here and we’re stronger than ever. And finally some VERY IMPORTANT NEWS on HUD/AFFH and what you can all do RIGHT NOW to stop it! Sign Up for Resurgence below to find out. The MP3 Download will be posted shortly… archived for Subscribers only in the Radio Club and the Resurgence Media Network.




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10 Comments on PTD Radio: Episode#51

  1. Yeah Rich, that HUD information is very important, it’s fukkin CRUCIAL.
    Again the #weakwhitemen, bogeyman chasers, and we needs tuh wakes evry bodies up co-intel operatives who try to persuade us with defeatism, helplessness, feminized femme fatale
    “it’s not your fault muh little air-head-ryan ” “just play loud black metal music waiting for a philosopher king”, “we didn’t get to vote on it, it was shoved down our throats” “it’s the bogeyman, bankers, boomers, blacks, beaners, bamanoids, , Christianity, genocide, Doctor, Lawyer, Indian Chief ” DO NOT take ANY responsibility leaving your children’s future prey to a friggin pencil neck MINORITY as I bat my blue eyed eyelashes proclaiming my concern for you, sweetly singing a message of FEAR,PREDESTINATION-FOREORDAINED, and INACTION (“it’s all rigged”) sing-a-shlong ……….


  2. Community Development Block Grant Program – CDBG Interactive map

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    If your city or town is not a part of the grantee listing (the state contact information is listed first and other grantees in the state follow alphabetically, with metropolitan cities listed first, followed by urban counties), click the Back button in your browser window; then click the CDBG Participation Directory link in the Related Information box. Some communities do not get funding directly, but participate as part of an urban county. These communities are included in the CDBG Participation Directory, which is an Excel spreadsheet.

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  3. The scum in your community making a profit destroying the community.
    How many are your fellow European Americans?

    HUD Appraisers database

    HUD Broker database

    HUD-Approved Lenders


  4. LexTalionis33 // May 28, 2016 at 5:31 pm // Reply

    I smell it too… But, I’m not sure if it’s fear I smell, Rich. I think the traitors just shit their pants knowing
    that the time to honor themselves is coming to an end!


  5. Great show Rich. I wish you had the time to do more, which is why I support the network.

    Glad to hear that there are now 100 subscribers. There will come a time when that number grows exponentially.

    I will be ordering a RMN shirt here shortly and continue to promote the teams work.

    Reblogged at


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