These ex-Rinos are the new hucksters of Libertoonism.

“Well, I’m conservative, but I’m not one of those racist, homophobic, dripping-with-hate Tea Party bigots! I’m pro-choice! I’m pro-same-sex-marriage! I’m not a racist! I just want lower taxes, and smaller government, and less government regulation of business.
I’m fiscally conservative, and socially liberal.”

How many libertoons and progressive Rinos have said this?
It’s ridiculously common. Hell, even Libertoon David Koch of the Koch brothers has said, “I’m a conservative on economic matters and I’m a social liberal.”

One time Libertarian Party’s vice-presidential nominee David Koch and brother Charles have been whining for weeks over lack of influence in this presidential cycle. Every GOP they backed has been bitch slapped silly by Donald Trump, from Jeb and Marco through a indirect consortium share of Cruz.

They have led the never Trump tantrum with attack ads to waving ahoy at the U.S. Destroyer Hillary.
But as always they still have their Koch Industries one percent spoof  “Libertoon Party“.
That for now is the only cork on a string pop gun they have to shoot at Donald Trump.

The Libertarian Party’s presidential nominee Gary Johnson describes Donald Trump’s as “racist”,

Gary Johnson’s VP Pick William Welds running on a Third-Party Libertarian Ticket

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