Millennial Workers

Data show, millennials lacking skills in, writing proficiency and critical thinking.
The foundations for any college student to successfully start their career.

What the hell is going on in the colleges?

What the hell is going on with the parents?
In many ways, hiring managers and others say, they are hurting themselves.

Recruiting managers report mellinials accompanied to interviews with friggin parents.

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The skills gap will continue to be present among millennials entering the workforce.

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3 Comments on Millennial Workers

  1. The modern liberal education system trains them to fail… Failures with no skill set and very little real world knowledge. These kids need apprentice programs, guilds, career training, and opportunities to leave school grounds at least once or twice a week to try and learn different possible future occupations. The average high school senior has NO FUCKING IDEA (other than go to college) what he or she wants to do when they leave high school. This needs to change!

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  2. mattinbritain // May 31, 2016 at 6:28 pm // Reply

    What bothers me is that guys with half my academic ability were told not to bother thinking about university and to get into a trade at 16/17. Those guys are now making £35,000-£50,000 a year because they became electricians or plumbers (the equivalent of $50,000-$70,000 a year) while most if not all of my ‘graduate’ friends are either still stuck chasing qualifications or if they have got careers they are on around £21,000 a year ($28,000) with no prospects for promotion or a serious payrise. So why the hell are parents still pushing their kids en masse into these universities?! It’s a dead end for a lot of them. I’m not anti-intellectual or ati-university – for the right kinds of people, academia is not complete for them by 16, historians, writers, scholars etc have an important part to play in society, but this is a very small amount, we do not need 50% of our population with a degree in something of no use to society – and when there is so much money to be made in productive trades why the hell are we not pushing that more? Being a useless fag with a blog about some stupid marxist shit is the career path of most of these people who have the gifts to be intelligent people who could raise a strong family but instead are just being brainwashedand are single until 45 by which time they are complete marxists with low fertility, not to mention the large majority of them would have been financially better off leaving school to lay carpets for a living, as even basically-skilled tradesmen are so hard to come by that they can charge what they like within reason, and are always in constant demand. Yet the schools continue to push this dead-end waste of time, impractical path on anyone who gets Cs or above!! The school systems need massive overhaul and reform and this includes getting the overly feminine approach out, separating the genders again so you can cater to them properly and separately, and teaching useful skills, habits, and giving proper guidance to our youngsters about the real issues that they will need to be able to conquer in life.

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  3. had one mil woman start texting during an interview.


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