Black on Black Justice

Bronx cabby Mamadou ­Diallo was looking for a parking spot outside his building when he got a call from his 50 year old wife that filled him with shock and fury.

She said a stranger had just tried to rape her in their apartment — and was still upstairs.

Diallo grabbed a tire iron and did what most alpha husbands in the same situation would do: He rushed to his wife’s aid and then bludgeoned the pervert.

The attack killed career criminal Earl Nash, 43 — and left ­Diallo facing assault and weapons charges.

career criminal Earl Nash

career criminal Earl Nash

The whack-a-mole mayhem left Nash with a fractured skull, his blood splattered Monday night in the elevator and a hallway, sources said.

Mamadou Diallo, 61, initially faced a charge of manslaughter in the case, but charges against him were reduced to assault and criminal possession of a weapon. A cheering crowd of supporters met him outside the Bronx criminal courthouse.

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