Trump Tower of Power

NYC officials investigating use of Trump Tower for campaign events

Hillary Clinton sycophant New York City Mayor Nanny de Blasio  who’s helicopter-parenting of his adult citizens with his salt shaker icons, $40 million apology to Central Park “wilding” youths, takes aim at Donald Trump.
Austin Finan, a pervert mouthpiece for de Blasio, said, “Despite what he may think, the rules and laws of this city apply to everybody, including Mr. Trump. Mr. Trump should honor his agreement with the city to keep the space open to the public.”

Honor? WTF would these Marxist know about Honor?

read story here

They are scared folks, Donald Trump scares the living crap out of these dead heads.

1 Comment on Trump Tower of Power

  1. The Pale Orc // June 1, 2016 at 6:25 pm // Reply

    Bill BeBlasio is a corrupt mud shark. He hangs around with filth like Al Sharpton. That should tell you all you need to know. This pile of human offal recently decriminalized public urination. The streets of Manhattan are littered with homeless people, drug addicts, and other mentally ill vagrants. When Guilianni was mayor the city was nothing like this. His attacks on the Glorious Leader come as no suprise. DeBlasio and his ilk should be launched via catapult over the wall once it’s built.

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