“New Nationalist Revolt” Friday Night Sledge only at Resurgence Media

Friday Night Sledge! On this edition of “The New Nationalist Revolt”, Mike Sledge talks about the trump riots, by third world cultural Marxist trash, shooting the gorilla, stuttering Obongo, Alt. Right Cuck Fags, Glenn Beck’s violent insanity against Trump, Billy Krystal’s communist roots, and a special Memorial Day salute to our veterans. Join the revolt!

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3 Comments on “New Nationalist Revolt” Friday Night Sledge only at Resurgence Media

  1. William de Hewitt // June 7, 2016 at 7:16 am // Reply

    I am also an America first nationalist, Mike. I only care about my White American ancestors who spilled their blood and sweat to create the White ‘nation’ of America we are losing by the day. What good will it do us for Trump to build a wall when there are already tens, if not hundreds of millions of illegals and undesirables in the country? Why doesn’t Trump talk about deporting the 3rd world asians, mexicans, negros, muslims and most importantly communist, bolshevik and zionist parasite jews before building a wall? To me, him not saying he will do this makes him unelectable and proves he does not care about me nor the White working class whose ancestors built America!
    A nation is a country with borders, language and culture whose folk share the same racial blood! I don’t necessarily mind multiple languages and cultures as long as we are unified under one ‘national’ language and culture as well. Trump is not a nationalist, he’s a civic nationalist! and don’t get me wrong, I don’t hate other races or mixed blood people, however I do hate the international jew who brings these 3rd world hordes into every White ‘nation’ around the world! I don’t want any of them in a White ‘nation’ so they can ultimately destroy what my White American ancestors and folk created. I want them to prosper and thrive amongst their own kind within their own ‘nation’… but that will never happen because most of them can not create anything of value, so they are shipped in and do not and can not assimilate with us nor do I want them to. So, by definition I am a ‘nationalist’ and a separatist… NOT a sympathizer of supremacist liberalism or neo-conservatism.


  2. William de Hewitt // June 7, 2016 at 8:03 am // Reply

    And I want to be clear… I’m only stating my thoughts and way I see things. To me, debating ideas with like minded men is a good thing. I understand this network supports Trump and I respect the views of Resurgence Media. I agree with much more of the content here than I disagree with.
    Cheers! Mike



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