Raw Footage of Trump “Protestors” Rioting!

Watch these clips and tell me these animals don’t need to be put down with brute force. When New Jersey has it’s rally for Trump, Resurgence Members will be out in full force to counter these lowlife Marxist scumbags if the government and police force won’t act! Once again, any mayor or police chief that allows this shit to happen, should be brought up on charges of negligence and fired immediately!


5 Comments on Raw Footage of Trump “Protestors” Rioting!

  1. If this doesn’t make you livid, YOU DON’T HAVE A FUCKING PULSE!!!


  2. What we NEED is importing and paying for millions more of these 3rd world low IQ breeders.
    In your own family, beat the fuk out of any relative who doesn’t support Trump and or EuropenAmerica, then throw then the fuk out of the family, permanently ostracize them.
    Force them to live among the hordes of anti-white marxist scum.
    Kick them OUT!
    Our ancestors would never put up with traitors, which is the main reason for their strength, they were strong enough to kick out any and all TRAITORS.
    We cannot have any among us who in the dead of night, open the gates.
    We have been TOO SOFT with our OWN!
    Put our own house in ORDER first, then and only then can we start to deal with THEM!
    Anyone who must deal with a low IQ self proclaimed christian let him know you live by Matthew 12:30
    “He that is not with me is against me; and he that gathereth not with me scattereth abroad.”


  3. As a veteran, both in political, and military environments, I love the idea that you will gather the tribes, and counter these paid filth.



  4. I understand the NEED for family, I hate family division, but damnit THIS is one of those rare forks in the road.
    A fork in the multi generational road in to a real hell (not no imaginary place) culminating in the destruction of western European culture,society, and peoples.
    At the end of this month the survival or revival of Britain will be decided by Britons.
    Later this year the survival or revival of America will be decided by European-Americans.
    The long term effect more dramatic than the WALL, is the COURTS.
    The United States courts of appeals (or circuit courts) are the intermediate appellate courts of the United States federal court system has done more damage than all the leftist politicians, edjaculators, and media combined.
    4 to 5 Supreme Court justices will likely be appointed in the next 8 years, they’re decisions will permanently destroy the western European culture,society, and peoples or rebuild and preserve the western European culture,society, and peoples.

    Here are the FACTS in the article Here come da judge :
    So Few Yet So Powerful

    As of May 2012, historically a total of 3,294 individuals had been appointed to federal judgeships, including 2,758 district court judges, 714 courts of appeals judges, 95 judges to the now-extinct circuit courts, and 112 Supreme Court justices.

    This adds up to 3,679 total appointments; a substantial number of appellate judges (including Supreme Court justices) had previously served on the lower court bench

    Keep Eyes on the Prize : Keep Eyes on the Prize

    As Mike Sledge stated so precise, brilliant, yet simple TRUTH, “You must change culture before you can make any meaningful and lasting changes”.

    We have always had the power, not no damn bogeyman, it was US European Americans
    as stated in the article: We never voted
    MAN UP, the BOTTOM LINE has never been about a constitution, religion,or media.
    The BOTTOM LINE has ALWAYS been Men being Men, ……….. or not.


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