2 Free Shows this Weekend!

Two free shows for the weekend, for non-members to sample. The 1st is from the one and only Mike Sledge… who killed it Friday night, followed by this weeks edition of PTD Radio Episode #52. Enjoy, and sign up for a subscription already!

trump sombrero_opt (1)

Friday Night Sledge! On this edition of “The New Nationalist Revolt”, Mike Sledge talks about the trump riots, by third world cultural Marxist trash, shooting the gorilla, stuttering Obongo, Alt. Right Cuck Fags, Glenn Beck’s violent insanity against Trump, Billy Krystal’s communist roots, and a special Memorial Day salute to our veterans. Join the revolt! MP3 DOWNLOAD

Power Through Discipline Radio: Episode #52

***Keeping the Pressure Up***

On today’s show we talked about late spring, early summer burnout and how the change of seasons dramatically effect our moods and our production at work and at home. More ridiculous cable news coverage this week. The importance of “Keeping the Pressure Up” this year! Why white people (in general) have been detested in recent decades… there’s good reasoning for it! Modern Radio Personalities and my take on that industry. Cop bashing and the so called “police state.” Keeping Nihilistic fucks living in fantasy lands out of your life. The wonders of Communism and Marxism along with the history and near term future of politics. All of this and more! MP3 DOWNLOAD


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1 Comment on 2 Free Shows this Weekend!

  1. What we have hearya is “double barrel vision” simple: Do what you need to do right now to be aware of the bigger idea you’re ultimately driving toward. The “decision sweet spot” when your short term tactics all ladder up to the big idea, or , “the long idea.”

    If every move you make is focused on the short term, you are suffering from schizophrenia. You don’t know what your mission is, you don’t know what you’re driving toward, and you will end up working really hard just to spin your wheels. At the same time, if every move you make is focused on the long term, the big dreamy idea and gold at the end of the rainbow, then you might not survive the realities of tomorrow.

    You need Resurgence Media “double barrel vision.”
    Join NOW!


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