More fools “debating” the left. We don’t Debate… We Dominate.

Here we go again… more wasted energy “debating” a bunch of feminist cunts that’ve been ignored by men (deprived of dick) their entire life, with weak black men (like this fag in the video) a few IQ points away from being retarded.

Normal folks out there, conservative, traditional, republican, libertarian, right-wing, populist, nationalist, whatever… stop treating these “people” as your equals. They’re not your equals!

They’re morally, ethically, and intellectually inferior. They’re fucking children!

Once again… for the 500th time… we don’t debate with children or treat them as our equals, we control them and tell them how it’s gonna be. Stop falling into this trap, and start crushing these fags.

We don’t do that with smarmy counter points, intellectual arguments, or facts. We flex our muscles, get right in their ugly face and shout them the fuck down, and chant TRUMP, TRUMP, TRUMP!!! BUILD THE WALL, BUILD THE WALL, BUILD THE WALL!!! USA, USA, USA!!!

Wake Up and change your GD tactics.

7 Comments on More fools “debating” the left. We don’t Debate… We Dominate.

  1. Stupid faggots on the left know nothing. This “white” man is the color mud that we will become if Trump doesn’t win.


  2. mattinbritain // June 9, 2016 at 9:10 am // Reply

    “I’m white!!! I’m white!!!!” Yeah good one buddy. Leave these retards in the dust where they belong. They are scratching their heads now, and they will still be scratching their heads when he wins, and when the rest of the world follows suit. They proved it in week one of Trump’s campaign. “Nobody likes Trumps message”… “Trump popularity already peaked”… “Silly old Trump puts his foot in his mouth again”… And when people rebel against their media overlords and stick with this Trump movement, the dickheads on the left are still left wondering what happened, trying the same old retarded tactics… “He’s REALLY put his foot in his mouth THIS time… hasn’t he?? Please tell me I’m still relevent… If I say he’s racist will you listen to me? You dont eem to be listening, I told you his popularity had peaked loads of times and normally you follow what we tell you to think…” They aren’t getting the message that people are done listening to that shit. Doubling down on it, as they are, is only putting a sign above their head saying ‘I am fighting against making America great again – remember my name and face’. And yet they persist. So the time is here to laugh in there faces as they choose their own fate and we keep pushing for our own victory and their destruction. It’s our world now.


  3. LexTalionis33 // June 20, 2016 at 3:53 am // Reply

    I can’t wait for the remix of “your a fucking white male” to come out on itunes, lulz!


  4. The 3 goofballs who were there aren’t politically active, don’t know anything, have no idea what even the bill of rights is nor could they even recite the first 3 amendments on the bill of rights. They probably don’t even know who the vice president is. In other words, they’re stupid children. I excuse their stupidity because they’re just dumb kids. Act that way when you’re 40 and you’re getting punched in the face! BTW, they were scared of you guys? Could you imagine if it were the other way around and 3 conservatives were surrounded by a bunch of violent socialists? Gesh, I can’t imagine…


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