We don’t “Debate” we Dominate!

Prime example of the future we’re fighting against. Listen to these entitled little fucks that haven’t done an ounce of real work in 20 years. They haven’t lifted a finger, yet they feel that the rest of society owes them something!

Listen to the one fat pig there in the beginning… Furniture? What? I’m not lifting a piece of furniture. I want an office job where I can pretend like I’m working, slam food in my fat ugly face all day long, and complain that no one wants to fuck me, never mind date me!

Then listen to the weak black faggot asking about jobs and the so called “middle class” (whatever that is?), who gets shutdown by an elderly woman that actually creates them and hires people, and what does the little cunt do? He walks away!

These fuckers don’t really want a job, and they sure as hell don’t want to “work.” They want everything handed to them. They want their asses wiped. They’re children. At best, their perpetual teenagers. And this is 80-90% of what fills the ranks of the Marxist left. Irresponsible little retards that specialize in the excuse making business. Parasites that ask – what can society do for me? Not – what can I contribute to it? Which brings me to my point:


It’s a waste of energy, just send them back to the kids table, let them know that the adults in charge now, take control and dominate!

4 Comments on We don’t “Debate” we Dominate!

  1. What a waste of breath with this trash.
    These useless will never do anything trash are scared to death of the possibility the gimmedats will end.


  2. Tyler the Titan // June 5, 2016 at 10:31 pm // Reply



  3. Listen, the mortal enemy has used the dregs of “society”, for generations. Weak Whites, are mere fodder, but pathetic minorities are the biggest drain on our socio-economic, and culturally healthy present and future. We need a system within a system.


  4. What a bunch of fat spoiled retarded brats! Life is good living in the white man’s country, huh? Notice the hyper fast shouting, which is indicative of their low IQ. Why is this woman bothering to argue with them? The Federal Reserve? Tariffs? The national debt? They have no idea what the hell she is talking about. lol


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