King Beta-Cuck Beck “Violence is Coming.”


Not only is this guy a pompous fat piece of shit… but he’s an unstable dangerous Cuckservative hell bent on making a name for himself by slandering Donald Trump. Furthermore, this liar, this snake waving bible salesman preaching his weak Christianity and support of the Communist Michael King… essentially sanctioned a hit on Donald Trump on the air. This is the real face of evil. And Fox, being the low class Cuckservative “news” organization that it is, just censored the shit out of what was said on this lunatics show. Cancel your damn cable, and lets get rid of these damn Cucks for good.

Hey Beck… Do us all a favor and start drinking again you fat fag!

2 Comments on King Beta-Cuck Beck “Violence is Coming.”

  1. Tyler the Titan // June 8, 2016 at 12:36 am // Reply

    On one hand he whines that its unchristian for trump to fight back through words, then proceeds to sanction an actual hit on him. What a fuckin douche, god what joy it would be to me to see these fuckin puppets out of a job.


  2. The head of this large, ugly, and world – destroying snake, needs removing. Beck is just a mouthpiece.


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