Obama “Worried” about the Republican Party! But Why?

Why would this incompetent stuttering fuck, this community “organizer” and weak black “man” in the White House care about the future of the Republican Party?

Very simple…

#1 – He knows that Hillary Clinton is a horribly flawed, terrible candidate and a despicable human being, that will motivate no one to vote Democrat… and she’ll be taking on a Giant on our side. Not only a man, but a mass movement behind Trump!


#2 He fears the FACT that the Cucks in the formly known RepubliCuck Party are being exposed and will soon be removed from power when we take back the party and take back our country under the leadership of Donald Trump!

1 Comment on Obama “Worried” about the Republican Party! But Why?

  1. This is such a important turning point and opportunity ever to come along in your lifetime, your child’s and the yet to be born.

    This is not only about the office of President, but perhaps even more important, the courts.

    There will be a tough fight for control of the House and Senate.
    The house seat is only a 2 year term but the senate is a 6 year term.

    A big question will be to dump all the cucks up for re-eelection.
    They are whining about Trump hurting the downstream candidates.

    The Mitch McConnells, John McCains and House Rinos Paul Ryans, are a bigger problem than the freak show Dems.

    America has HIS greatest opportunity since Andrew Jackson killing the private central bank.

    • Federal Courts appointments,
      • Supreme Court
    • that includes the largest Federal Court vacancies in U.S. history.

  2. Purge the RINO’S
  3. Death of the NEO-CONS
  4. But then again.

    • It’s all controlled, the BOOGEYMAN controls all the voting.
    • You can’t vote your way out, you can’t control your local area.
    • The only possible solution would be is to stick your head between your knees and years from now look your grandchildren in the eye and try to convince them:
    • “We never had a chance.”
    • “Boo Hoo we never voted for this.”
    • “It was all your great grandparents BOOMER’S fault”.
    • Germany lost WWII because of your great great grandparents, the so-called greatest generation.
    • The South lost.
    • The sun was in my eyes.
  5. What could I have done?
    I was only a guy from Jersey with a GED.
  6. But, we did wake everybody with the TROOF!



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