Columbus Day replaced with “Indigenous” Peoples Day in America?

The whacked-out leftist lunatic city council of Cambridge, Massachusetts (Pop. 110,000) has voted unanimously to change Columbus Day to “Indigenous” Peoples’ Day. Councilor Nadeem Mazen, said “it is important to reclaim the day for Native Americans, thousands of whom were killed under Columbus’s leadership when he came to the New World.”

A number of uneducated Cambridge Marxists and left wing  advocates for indigenous people showed up and supported the change. Councilor Nadeem Mazen said: “We had a fantastic discussion on the history of Columbus Day and the importance of Italian-Americans in our community.” The Vice Mayor (another insane white liberal asshole and weak white man) Marc McGovern, said he was pleased to see explorer’s holiday removed.

The council voted 9-0 to make the change. McGovern also added that “I view changing Columbus Day to Indigenous Peoples’ Day as a cleansing for me, as an Italian-American. I do not want Christopher Columbus to be representing my culture,” he said before the vote Monday. “I really view it … as making a day that I can actually be proud of.” Proud of what exactly???


For those of you that don’t know… Indigenous Peoples’ Day (also known as “Native American” Day) is a holiday celebrated in various localities in the United States. It began as a counter-celebration to Columbus Day, promoting Amerindian culture and commemorating the history of the Amerindian peoples.

To any and all uneducated liberal douchebags or Amerindian ass kissers that happen to come across this article lets make a few things clear:

#1 – There was no “America” no singular unified body and or nation on this landmass we know of today as America. There were many “nations” or tribes of nomadic groups that NEVER laid a permanent claim to any land here as their own. These were mobile villages that could be easily moved from one place to the next.


#2 – The Amerindian, the so called “Native American” was not a native of the Americas… but rather a roaming Asian transplant. In fact, modern archaeology suggests that there were other groups already established here that they replaced, and dare I say genocided. Look up the Solutrean hypothesis and the Clovis people. Europeans were established in the Americas over 20,000 years ago… at least 5 or 6 thousand years before the Asiatics. WE WERE HERE 1ST!

#3 – Columbus was a hero. Is a hero. And will always be celebrated as such for as long as I live. The man risked everything achieving an accomplishment unmatched by anyone in the world at the time in the history of exploration and sea navigation. This took serious courage, bravery, and masculinity… Something we lack today! Think about all the great men he uplifted and inspired, think about the mediocrity he smashed through for others, saving millions from futures of apathy and degradation. He faced impossible odds, and conquered them.

#4 – The world of the 15th century was brutal, barbaric, and unforgiving in every corner of the globe. In both hemispheres it was most definitely cruel, especially this one before we came. If the Amerinds were as advanced as the Europeans were during the age of exploration and the tables were turned, they would’ve done the same across the Eastern shores of the Atlantic, only worse! So don’t talk to me about the flaws and mistakes of Columbus, as he will ONLY be remembered ONE way by those of us who are sane and by those of us who love America and want to protect our history, and that’s by the title he earned: HERO!

3 Comments on Columbus Day replaced with “Indigenous” Peoples Day in America?

  1. That’s odd, Whites are the “indigenous” peoples of America. We founded it, gave it the name, and also, our red and blond ancesters, can be found in China, Egypt, and in America. I love being a descendant of indigenous rulers of the Earth. Even Adam, our Biblical “firstborn”, is of ruddy complection.


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