Grip Strength Declining in Millennials

Men aged 20 to 24 back in 1985 had an average right handed grip strength of 121 pounds and 105 pounds for the left handed grip. During the recent test, men of the same age group only averaged 101 pounds for right handed and 99 pounds for left handed grip strength.
Grip strength is a general term also used by physical strength of an animal, and athletes, referring to the muscular power and force that they can generate with their hands.

Hand grip is an important, though often overlooked, component of strength in sports.
“Weakness is one of those cluster signs of frailty,” says Dr Richard W Bohannon, PT, NCS, FAPTA, FAHA, Department of Physical Therapy, Neag School of Education, University of Connecticut. “There are other things, like unintentional weight loss and a particularly slow gait. But grip strength gives you an overall sense of someone’s vitality. It is reflective of muscle mass and can be used to predict things in the future like post-operative complications and even death.”

Measurement of muscle spasticity, is among the most cited in medical rehabilitation literature. There was a study done that looked at folks’ middle age. The authors found that weakness in middle age was predictive of problems later, predictive of the onset of disability. Those who were weaker in their 40’s and 50’s were more likely to demonstrate an onset of disability in their 60’s.

Maintaining fitness helps individuals combat infection and rebound from illness.

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2 Comments on Grip Strength Declining in Millennials

  1. LexTalionis33 // June 27, 2016 at 2:33 am // Reply

    That’s because Millennials are only willing to grip a video game controller or a dildo!


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