The Fraud of Liberal Modernity

Liberalism, capitalism and socialism are all based on a view of man where identity is seen as uninteresting or harmful, thus reducing man into a mere economic individual. The "right" and "left" of today are in a symbiotic relationship, sacrificing the European folk and its traditions for mass immigration, GDP and hamburgers.

Extreme leftist norms, values and taboos in sync with liberal modernity are the default mode of the mainstream mindset in the west. The 68ers put the red glasses on and never took them off, only to forget that their entire world turned single-coloured. By gaining control of the media and the administrative system, this “new class” of materialistic, hedonistic, “anti-racist” old 68ers became the co-operational front-runners for globalism and capitalism.


The liberal democratic world view has its roots in the Enlightenment, when liberalism’s quantitative model of individualization was implemented. Once  rationalism  was  incorporated  into  not  only  eighteenth century philosophy and science but also political and social thought, the   result   was   to   mandate   in   the   name   of “reason”  and  “progress”  the  “liberation”  of  human  beings  from  traditional and “irrational” social bonds and relationships, thereby launching the war of modernity  on  tradition,  underpinned  by  the  ideologies  of  individualism  and liberalism.

The Enlightenment saw traditional institutions and manners (like family and church) as prejudiced and out-of-date, and instigated a “crusade” against them. Initially a peaceful crusade, but gradually more violent. The “Enlightened” were so caught up by the scientific nature of their own ideas that they were ready to use violence and terror to force society into their framework. This was taken to its extremities under communism which sacrificed entire peoples to reach the presupposed classless paradise. This Bolshevik strain is also persistent within liberalism, and millions of people have been sacrificed in the name of liberal democracy.


The unprecedented success of rationalism and liberal modernity in reducing complex natural phenomena to  simple  mathematical  explanations  would,  of course, do much to launch the career of modern science; but this came at a high price. Besides reducing reality to a simple expanse of matter, “understood” in abstract mathematical terms that did little to enhance man’s knowledge of his world  and,  in  some  cases,  further  estranged  him  from  it,  this  quantifying reductionism had the effect of relegating the qualitative features of the European life—all those things associated with culture and heritage—to a secondary order of significance.

The “New Left” continued the philosophy of the Enlightenment, only to facilitate a global one world order of coca-colonization. By figuratively viciously opposing global capitalism, they literally championed its cause.


Our men let this happen by swallowing the red pill, which made them develop horns and bitch-tits, only to adhere to the rainbow-world of the global market uncompromisingly, with clouded judgement as a result. The weed smoking, childish, fuck-the-world-mentality of the hippie pacifist who hates weapons and war and thinks he has the solution in crappy intellectual endeavours enabled this to happen. Nothing but a pacified useful idiot would chant anti-war slogans and champion global amalgamation into the very system that destroys nations.

With a complete lack of abstract and critical thought, leftist “humanists” are paradoxically enough the most anti-human, suicidal, genocidal and ungrateful maniacs in the world, destroying the cornerstones of western civilization.

They are falling apart

In  the  18th  century,  the  champions  of  liberal  modernity  had mobilized  the  New  Science  against  their  conservative  foes  and  have  since presented themselves as the political vanguard of the most advanced scientific ideas. Twentieth-century science, however, has proven to be far less amenable to liberal claims. All  seem  to  contradict  liberal notions of environmental primacy, natural “goodness,” the individualist nature of the social world, the irrelevance of race, or the plasticity and equality of human nature. Given liberalism’s vulnerability in this field, our critical assault on modernist values, revealing  the  social,  hierarchical,  genetic,  and hence anti-liberal foundations of human life, is of uttermost importance.

In contrast to liberalism’s homogenized world of fractured cultures and peoples, nationalism stands for a heterogeneous  world  of  homogenous  peoples,  each rooted in their own culture and soil – pursuing their own destiny according to their organic settings.


Undermining the liberal order by discrediting its underlying tenets and affirming those traditional European ideas supportive of the  identities  and  communities  it  champions is the way forward.  Aspiring for  cultural  hegemony taken as the “infrastructural” basis of both civil society and the state, starts at a local level. Look back to the feudal, medieval Europe which was a place where local groups and societies had significant autonomy, where local traditions, manners and solidarity could flourish, and where a network of different groups and rulers balanced each other.

WAKE UP and take back your country!

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Konservativ realist. Genomskådar politik via själslig och filosofisk analys av människans natur och vår samtid.

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