On this edition of PTD WILD WEST 

WOMEN: the trans-agenda and the blurring of gender roles as an attack at the core of human virtue, my run in with a liberal self hating white, breaking your balls for a living, Obummers’ OkeyDoke, hatred for Bernie supporters, understanding the feminine mind, understanding male-female attraction, Resurgence: an outlet for Real Men.

The full show will be up in the Resurgence Members section shortly!

Here is a disjointed sampler of clips from today’s show for anyone not yet signed up for Resurgence. For only 25$: less than five dollars a month you can access all of our archived media for the rest of 2016. Jump on board NOW before prices increase! WARNING: REAL MEN ONLY, little boys on their period WILL be offended.

1 Comment on PTD WILD WEST 11: Women

  1. Tyler the Titan // June 19, 2016 at 9:48 pm // Reply

    Happy Fathers Day Dad! Now sign up for RESURGENCE!


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