PTD Radio: Episode#56

Power Through Discipline Radio: Episode #56

***Does America Deserve Hillary Clinton?***

Angry Show… This was NOT Pep Talk Radio Today!

The King of Talk Radio returns! On today’s show I talked about the state of Black America in our cities and how there’s really (2) separate countries here: Black America, and the one everyone else (for the most part) lives in. I also discussed the brutal story (another cover up) of a young girl (5 years old) raped in Idaho by migrant invaders… ages 14, 10, and 7 WTF!!! Is this the fault of the boogeyman as many on the Alt-Right would have you believe, or is it our own people? This one is FREE for non-members to sample. More info on Power Through Discipline Radio.



9 Comments on PTD Radio: Episode#56

  1. Blacks benefit blaming everyone else but themselves for their situation.
    Muslims hide behind their political ideology as a religion.
    But you blame white European Americans for their situation, it’s not the same, it isn’t their fault they are brainwashed since birth.
    Until they are all woken up marching to different set of drum beats can they strike as one. You can’t vote your way out or reform the ZOG.
    And there sure as hell ain’t no woo woo ‘heaven’ to escape to.
    Forget this planet, our survival and future is the stars, if the Reich wasn’t destroyed we’d be there.
    All the effort in yourself, your family and community creating a physically, mentally, economically, politically vibrant and strong society is exactly what the enemy wants you to waste time on.
    You better read the protocols to get your head right and understand what’s going on.
    Wake the fuk up!
    Worse is better!


    • Yeah burn it all down man… Fuck this place and our 400 years of history here, 20,000 plus if you think about it. Burn this fucker down, kill everything, chaos, destruction, worse is better, fuck your kids, fuck the future!!!!

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      • yup, that is why I say the so-called white nationalist and others are marxist fronts.
        They advocate chaos as a solution.
        Just now another boogeyman chaser, bible thumper cuss me with his fake unrelated, scriptures justifying sitting on his ass whinning for everything to burn down solution.


      • You’re getting off from Tom Metzger’s mantra – not nice!


  2. Tyler the Titan // June 22, 2016 at 6:49 pm // Reply

    Fucking livid right now listening to this shit…. Turns out there’s a couple groups out here that are organizing for refugees to come to my town….these people are gonna fuckin know who I am. I’m gonna make their lives hell.


    • It’s coming Tyler, it’s your job to be prepared my friend. It’s all of our jobs.

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    • Better find out who is like minded, and you guys call the bastards out, Get em before they get started, exactly make THEIR lives hell.
      Find out all you can, who is funding them, let the people know the friggin cost (most people respond to money being taken from their wallets) the bastards want you to pay for their fake christian virtue signalling.
      Chances are its churches tied to a local industry like a tyson meat packing plant.
      Challenge the churches to pay THE FULL cost for faux self righteousness, every fucking penny, instead of stealing from their fellow citizens.
      Eighth Commandment: You Shall Not Steal

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  3. LexTalionis33 // June 23, 2016 at 2:21 pm // Reply

    If anyone can, the (((boogeyman))) can! The (((boogeyman))) can! The (((boogeyman))) can! Soon all your kids will be singing this new hit song that’s blazing up the pop charts by America’s very own- “The Golden Cucktards”.

    I hear ya, Joe. I hear ya, Rich. Great episode again, btw. I hear ya, Titan. Anything to point the finger in blame towards someone else. Whether it’s about a protocol or covering up- knife to your throat kiddy water sports games or sanctuary cities & states. It seems we’re trapped behind enemy lines by traitors whom believe they’re immune to the lead of loyalty.


  4. I live in southern Idaho. Look up the Chobani problem in Twin Falls. I refuse to buy the stuff. This import problem is causing all sorts of problems and just needs to be turned off.


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