TODAY IS A YUGE DAY! Today is Brexit day. Today is when we will have it confirmed that British men are sick of whining cultural marxists and ready to start putting the WORK in to rebuilding a strong country led by traditional men. But voting to leave the EU is only the first part of the puzzle. You also have to come to our PTD:UK3 meet-up on the 17th July. E-mail me at or e-mail Alex (UK Organiser) at or give him a call on the number available to PTD members HERE for details.

Today is the day we collectively made a decision… to Make Britain Great Again. You now must make an individual decision to help make British men great again and contact us to come to the meet-up, so we can keep hammering these leftist arseholes into the ground, watching them crash and burn as true masculinism comes back into fashion. You’re no use on your own. Support this thing.

2 Comments on PTD:UK Ep#8a – INDEPENDENCE DAY!!

  1. mattinbritain // June 23, 2016 at 10:50 pm // Reply

    We are over half way through and vote leave is consistently winning!!! We are SMASHING remain all over the country. Nowhere NEAR as many Scottish votes as they hoped for. Many ‘swing’ cities and districts voting leave to the shock of the media ‘experts’. Your multi-cult marxist diversity paradise of London can’t save you now. Too many GREAT British towns and cities ready to reinstate national pride and see you cucks stutter and flail yourselves to a pathetic concession. Get used to it. #1stofmany


  2. Just win baby!!! Just win.


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