Trump Slams Crooked Hillary in Powerful Speech!

This might’ve been Donald Trumps most powerful speech to date. Looking and sounding more Presidential than ever before… You are now witnessing the start of Trump’s Presidential bid, the gloves are off, Hillary… along the left-wing lunatics and the Cucked-out Republican establishment is the Target, and this is just the beginning folks!


Trump is just starting to expose this lying bitch. Just wait until the debates.

He’s gonna dust this bitch!

More importantly, Donald has laid out the best foreign policy I’ve seen to date:

No more imperialism and nation building.

Get us out of this out-dated, counter productive NATO “alliance.”

End the U.S. nuclear “umbrella” policy.

Cut back the global network of 1,000 U.S. military bases overseas.

Establish much better relations with Russia and end Cold War 2.0

Get the US the fuck out of the Persian Gulf.

Establish an “America First” foreign policy.

Reject the “march to war” to fight terrorism overseas when it’s right here in America.

Call out and challenge the scumbags in the media along with the bought and paid for political establishment, both parties that push for war.

Withdraw our troops from Asia… specifically Japan and Korea, unless they pay us a shit ton of money.

Put an end to the spread of “democracy” and the “responsibility” of the United States to protect other people from their own corrupt governments

Use the threat of trade, or lack thereof, (not war) when dealing with China and others around the globe.

Trump has also stated repeatedly that we NEVER should’ve invaded Iraq and Libya, murdered their leaders, Hussein and Gaddafi, because they dealt with terrorists and these ISIS fucks in a very brutal direct fashion… much like Assad in Syria.

He even used the word “neutral” to describe the stance he would take on Palestine and Israel.

Trump has single-handedly destroyed the GOP establishment’s agenda; their sock-puppet candidates, and the fraud of Global Capitalism.

Finally, Trump has revived America 1st policies and nationalism in way we’ve never seen before among European Americans.

1 Comment on Trump Slams Crooked Hillary in Powerful Speech!

  1. Such a great speech! Minus the Israel part. Hopefully he is just playing ball.


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