Brexit market reaction

Is Brexit that much of a shock?
Will it be that difficult to disentangle?
Britain never fully accepted the legitimacy of European control over British institutions in a way that other EU members did. It refused, for example, to join either the Schengen Area, which eliminates internal border controls, or the common currency Euro.

There is an old bar game called ‘bullshit’ poker or known as ‘liars’ poker.

Serial numbers start with a letter. Whoever has the “highest” letter (A is higher than B, etc..) begins the bidding. A bid is a claim that the number of each “card” will be found between ALL the dollar bills of every player when the bidding ends. So if I bid three 5’s, then I’m claiming that between all the bills, there will be at least three 5’s. The next player must either call “bullshit” if he doesn’t believe that all bills will contain three 5’s, or bid higher. A higher bid consists of the same number of a higher number (with 0 being the highest as it represents a 10) or a greater number of any number. So, if someone bids “three 5’s” the next person must bid either three 6’s, 7’s, 8’s, etc.. or 4
of any number. Like poker, high cards beat low cards, and four of a kind beats three of a kind.

At some point, let’s say around a bid of five of a kind in a two player game, someone will call “bullshit” because they don’t believe that both bills will have the number of “cards.” At that time, the serial numbers are revealed to see if the last bid was true. So if the bid is five 4’s and the next person calls bullshit, the serial numbers are revealed and if there are 5 4’s between all the bills, the bidder wins and takes everyones bill. If the bidder loses, he must pay everyone a dollar or whatever the betting bills were. So if player 1 has 3 fours in his serial number and player 2 has at least 2, the bidder wins.

In a game of three or more, the loser must pay the winner the bet amount for all the players. So if there are 6 players and each game is worth a dollar, the person who loses must pay the winner 6 dollars.

Now the strategy works like this:

When you bid, the obvious guess is that your bidding on something that your bill contains. So if you bid 3 2’s, you probably have at least 2, hoping the other guy will have 1. On the other hand you can bid a number of “cards” that you don’t have in your hand hoping the other guy will feel comfortable upping the amount of that number at which time you can safely call “bullshit.” So if I bid 3 2’s, the opponent may suspect that I have at least 2 or 3 2’s on my bill. If he has one, he may feel comfortable upping the bid to 4 2’s. Since you have none, that’s a great time to call “bullshit.” You bluffed him into thinking you had 2’s.

To the doomsayers and market manipulators I call “BULLSHIT”.
Everyone knows we are riding another economic paper mache bubble.

Donald Trump has been the only candidate who has warned of what he sees as an overvalued stock market.

“I think we’re sitting on an economic bubble. A financial bubble,” Trump said. He made clear that he was not specifying a sector of the economy but the economy at large and asserted that more bullish forecasts were based on skewed employment numbers and an inflated stock market.

So aside from the normal shark infested markets of speculation and manipulation a burst of devaluation is being blown out the carcinoid tumors lining the rectums of the financial institutions.

Like a deviant silent fart that smells horribly stanky even to them, they turn indignant glances upon the innocent.
All in the hope Britremain Cucks who put a price on freedom can manufacture enough Brexit guilt over victory, to adhere the call of ‘bottoms up’ and obligatory ass rape of their public and private pensions.
Remember, for every smeller there is a buyer.

They then hope to buy back Britain on the cheap with Britoners own wealth…. er I mean too big to fail bailout.

1 Comment on Brexit market reaction

  1. Knowing that the daily markets are continuously manipulated to suit each puppeteers whim. Should we expect anything less?


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