Police in Sweden distributing “Don’t Rape Me” Bracelets!

When a small (relatively homogenous) country like this degenerates into this kind of insanity, and the men refuse to do anything at all, does it deserve to die a painful slow death?

The National police chief of Sweden, Dan Eliasson is launching a new campaign against sex crimes that they’re calling:  “Don’t molest me.” Swedish police are now handing out bracelets to girls who may fall victim to “migrant” sex attacks!

Instead of bashing in skulls and deporting 3rd world savages… “Police Officers” (they don’t deserve the title) will give out bracelets with the text “Do not molest me” to girls attending summer festivals this year.

Isn’t that fucking cute?

I guess we can chalk that one up as well, and blame it on the:


It surely couldn’t be the “men” of Sweden responsible for this now could it? Nah… they’re all powerful Viking types… not cucked-out weak white fags!

3 Comments on Police in Sweden distributing “Don’t Rape Me” Bracelets!

  1. WOW… Sweden is a look into the future for us in Europe. Frontrunners in the field of cuckdom. Men must become men again in Sweden. They desere their fate if they dont fight back. Political correctness is reaching new levels of insanity every day over there. What has happened to the men?!


  2. LexTalionis33 // July 4, 2016 at 5:22 pm // Reply

    Just because you give something a different face or a different name doesn’t change what it truly is…simply put this is nothing less than premeditated “Democide” through acts of treason and “Hijra” upon the people of Evropa.


  3. Judgement Day // February 25, 2017 at 7:36 am // Reply

    “Don’t Rape Me” bracelet… Well, at least they have some memorabilia after being raped. Sweden, get serious.


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