“New Nationalist Revolt” only at Resurgence Media Network

The Uni-Party of Clinton-Bush now unites in Washington D.C. “The District Of Criminals” to undermine the wishes of the American People! This episode of the “New Nationalist Revolt” discusses how the political class is now ready and determined to destroy the “white working class” and the last gasp of energy from what is left of the dying corpse called “America”! Join the revolt!


5 Comments on “New Nationalist Revolt” only at Resurgence Media Network

  1. LexTalionis33 // July 5, 2016 at 10:03 pm // Reply

    Fucking A! Sledge! Alleluia, bro. Alleluia. Preaching to the choir here!


  2. Dwight Dexter // July 6, 2016 at 1:47 am // Reply

    Lies, Slime and Stupidity Will rule the day and it Will be taught to your children as a Gospel fact in the Judeo Marxist matrix… Even if you home school your kids they will be confronted by the lies, outnumbered and made to feel STUPID by the sheer weight of opposing opinions from every other child and home in your neighborhood, who dutifully parrot the Judeo Marxist lies… Of course I am just an old and confused Grampa with senile dementia. Pay no attention at all… All is good and nothing can possibly countermand the truth you teach your kids. Nope, ain’t gonna happen to your kids or grandkids… Grandpa and Grandma will always back me up and never just go along to get along and let the Judeo Marxist shit slide. Of course results may vary, any adverse outcomes are solely your fault and the Judeo powers that BE are never, ever guilty and we must never blame or disparage them. That would be hate speech which will soon carry severe federal penalties just like in Europe and Canada .


  3. Dwight Dexter // August 2, 2016 at 3:11 am // Reply

    How many kids and grandkids do you have, and how old are they??? Yeah, I thought so…. You have almost NO control over your grandkids after grades 4- 8 and that is when the hard core propaganda kicks in… Been there, done that… Things were good until my daughter got offered a plum job at high pay to shut her and ME up… The rest is history of the worst sort pal… If you piss off your kids and threaten the status of money coming in, well just see what happens…

    Well just tell me what You will did and how Effective it was, honestly… Results Count, everything else is bullshit. Results Count and everything else is BULLSHIT… You know how old I am and the age of my wife, myself, daughters son and grandkids. Tell me, OH GREAT SWAMI what you did and how perfectly it worked out!!! You must have at least 11 grandkids as I do and you know ALL for next 50 years or so.. I am beginning to lose confidence, but I eagerly await your perfect One line Solution… Yes, I’m a weak White worthless Male and a pussy after 60 years of putting my Race, Culture, Heritage and Traditions first….. When I was 27- 40 years old and working out every other day nobody fucked with me. 31 inch waist, 5’9″ tall,185 Pounds. 16-18 Inch upper arms and a fast left foot and fist.,, Under 18 % fat. ” Dexter Dork “in your jewey sounding opinions…


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