Princeton University “Historian” Attempts to Redefine the Declaration of Independence

The left in America uses the revision of history as a tool to implement social change, be it in the schools, in government, and in the culture. And usually what that means is disparaging European accomplishments, culture, and the civilization we brought to the rest of the world. The founders of America are often targeted more so than others… and in this case, it’s Thomas Jefferson and an argument over a PERIOD in the Declaration of Independence.

Life, Liberty and the Pursuit of Happiness’ is often followed by a period in the Declaration. Which separates it from the next line about the institution of government. And that implies that government is less important than our ‘unalienable rights.’

Historian Danielle Allen says the period after ‘Happiness’ shouldn’t be there. And if that’s the case, government should be regarded as just as important as those rights.

The argument put forth here, according to this schizophrenic psychotic leftist calling herself a historian, is that Jefferson was really a Marxist that wanted our government to guarantee and ensure (through legislation) its citizens a right to life, liberty, and happiness… i.e. to legitimize a bloating and never ending welfare state that the productive among us continue to float with our tax dollars every year!

Again, selectively using our history, our historical figures, and great European men (that they despise) to justify their schizophrenic psychotic cult called liberalism.

Even though the Declaration isn’t the law of the land… it’s one of the most important documents ever written in the history of mankind, and the implication is that, this was the intention of our founders.

Yeah sure…

Pay attention parents, turn off the fucking tv, open your eyes and get involved!

5 Comments on Princeton University “Historian” Attempts to Redefine the Declaration of Independence

  1. Sheeeeet, dats why collesh should be FREE!
    It’s filled with marxist idiots, and you wanna make me PAY for it?????


  2. LexTalionis33 // July 5, 2016 at 4:29 pm // Reply

    Just when I thought I was out. Just when I thought I’d escaped the insanity of the ass backwards know-it-alls. The slimy tentacles of the kraken from the (((Marxist Matrix))) pulls me back in deeper than I was before.

    On a sarcasticly serious side. Did you say: turn your TV off & get involved? WTF, Rich?! Don’t you know there’s UFC fights on this weekend. And getting involved is just too much effort. So I’m gonna get drunk n watch the fights and learn some more Bruce Lee-Roddy Roddy Piper moves so when they’re over I can beat my daughters using my new combos I’ve vicariously become a black belt at…lol.


  3. Dwight Dexter // July 6, 2016 at 12:34 am // Reply

    Niggas… Who could have Possibly guessed that so much ignorance could dominate such a defective low IQ brain… I smell a Judeo Marxist pawn from 3,000 miles away and it stinks…


    • It’s NOT her “defective low IQ brain” that’s the problem.
      It’s THE “defective low IQ brain” of all the idiot parents and Alumni who pay through the nose sending THEIR children to these institutions that’s supporting so much ignorance.


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