Believe Me It’s On… 11 Police Offices Shot, 5 Murdered by Scum!

11 Police Officers Shot and 5 Killed by 2 Snipers at Black Lives Matter Protest in Dallas

DPD Chief David Brown says 11 officers were shot by 2 snipers in downtown Dallas. 5 are dead, 3 are critical, and 2 are in surgery.

Following reports of murdered police officers in Dallas Thursday night, former Congressman and Tea Party activist Joe Walsh tweeted out that there was now a state of war in America and cautioned President Obama to “watch out.”


In tweets he chose not to delete, he accused Obama of having “stoked the flame” and said that Black Lives Matter should be designated as a “hate group.”


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January 3, 2011 – January 3, 2013 Republican Joe Walsh represented Illinois’s 8th district.

He consistently voted against raising the federal debt ceiling and authored a balanced budget amendment to the United States Constitution.

Walsh’s district was redrawn for 2012 by the Democratic-controlled Illinois General Assembly. While he initially planned to run in his newly drawn 14th district against fellow Republican Representative Randy Hultgren, he eventually decided to run in the remapped 8th district against Democratic candidate Tammy Duckworth. Walsh was defeated by Duckworth in the general election on November 6, 2012. He now hosts a conservative radio show on WIND-AM 560.



Thank these people Affirmative Action White Privilege Women! Stop AAWPW today!

Don’t forget, our military is training thousands of foreigners and gang bangers to be efficient killing machines.

3 Comments on Believe Me It’s On… 11 Police Offices Shot, 5 Murdered by Scum!

  1. Prayers & condolences to the fallen and their families! Fash the Republic! Fash the enemy!


  2. This POS President came out yesterday and basically put this into motion. He essentially called the cops racist, even though an Asian man shot the black guy in Minnesota, and said that mistakes are being made in law enforcement.

    Never in a million years did foresee a president making judgements on all these cases injecting his bias, before any of the facts come out.

    He’s the 1st one to blame!


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