NFL Player Posts Cop Getting His Throat Slashed. Ready to Draft your Fantasy Team?

Maybe they’ll stop watching it now? Some how I don’t think so… I’ll guarantee that 90% of these fucks can’t wait to go and fund their draftking accounts, and gear up for another 4 months on the coach while watching “their” team in action. Weak white men, turn off the GD sports and take back your country!

Anyway, here’s the story…


Browns’ Isaiah Crowell to apologize for post of police officer getting throat slashed

CLEVELAND, Ohio — Browns running back Isaiah Crowell plans to apologize Monday for posting a drawing of a police officer having his throat slashed on Instagram, a league source told

The person slashing the officer’s throat is wearing a black jacket and hood with is face covered. He’s wearing black gloves, has an ankh pendent around his neck and an American flag backpack on. Blood is spurting out of the officer’s neck and mouth, which is covered by the murderer’s hand.


Crowell’s caption read, “They give police all types of weapons and they continually choose to kill us….#Weak.” The post, which received 33 likes, was quickly taken down from his account, but was screenshotted and circulated on social media.

Crowell posted the drawing after white police officers fatally shot two black men last week, one in Minnesota and one in Louisiana. But it went up before five police officers were slain in Dallas on Friday during a protest of the two shootings, the source said.

Crowell, the Browns’ third-year running back and leading rusher in 2015, is expected to issue an apology today on social media and try to provide some context for his decision to post the graphic drawing.

The Browns are aware of the post and Crowell’s forthcoming statement. Crowell’s agents did not immediately return a call seeking comment. The NFL also did not immediately respond to an email seeking comment.

Crowell, expected to get the bulk of the carries this season, led the Browns with 706 yards on 185 carries, including four touchdowns. He also caught 19 passes for 182 yards with one touchdown. Crowell was signed by the Browns as an undrafted free agent out of Alabama State in 2014. SOURCE

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