PTD Radio: Episode#58

Power Through Discipline Radio: Episode #58

“Powering through Summer”

On this episode I discussed everything from the events of this week, Black LIES Matter, so called peaceful protests, dead police officers, lying politicians and scumbags in the dinosaur media, who’s really to blame? Fear Porn Special – What happens if Hillary does Win? With all the other news from the week… and how/why we must power through summer. The MP3 Download will be up shortly in the PTD Members Section and the PTD Resurgence Media Network Page.



Since the start of our membership program in October of 2015, more than 500 of you have signed up for either PTD or Resurgence. And for that, I thank you guys for keeping us up and running. I want our numbers to continue growing. Therefore we will be offering some new promotions on the site. The 1st of which is a summer promo for PTD Radio. For more details on PTD Membership, continue reading below…


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Join my team here by becoming a PTD Member for 2016. When you become a member, you gain instant access to every show that I do from now, through the end of the year! The subscription cost for 2016 is one flat fee of $25.00 ($10.00 Summer Promo), which grants you access to all of my shows (including the 2015 archives) through the PTD Members link on the top menu, which directs you to a password protected private page on the website. All of my shows are recorded the day they air, and are available immediately for download in MP3 format. All PTD Radio Club members will also gain access to an updated version of my 24/7 PTD Radio stream (coming soon), which will broadcast and mix in all of my shows.

Why Sign up for PTD?

Are you sick of chasing the boogeyman and following these lunatic fringe conspiracy theory enthusiasts? Are you sick of all the other boring, soft ass radio shows that cover the same shit every damn week? Are you sick of running around in circles debating hobbyist retards that fail to notice and fully understand the BIG Picture? Are you tired of hearing the same message that has led us down a dead end, with not one tangible result or victory? Well so am I. That’s why this show exists, and that’s why I do what I do. Furthermore, if you sample everything else that’s out there, nothing even comes close to what I do, in the realm of radio. PTD is simply the best!

Why am I charging a fee?

Well for one, I believe that people should be compensated for their time and their work (if it’s good). And I believe that my “work” is good. My time is also extremely valuable. But more importantly, I care about having serious, committed people here on my website. Not the losers, the dregs, and do-nothing professional complainers out there. Those people don’t actually do, or support anything at all. They’re boogeyman chasers with a hobby! And I’m not interested in goblin chasers and hobbyist retards. As I’ve said from the very beginning here in the about section: I want assertive, attractive, successful, free thinking individuals with a stake in society and our future. I want winners here! I want people here that will actually take action, improve their lives and others after listening to my shows.

Sign up now and gain access to the most powerful radio show in the world!

1 Comment on PTD Radio: Episode#58

  1. VP pick, who knows but I do not see Jeff Sessions just for the fact is he is needed in the Senate.
    Even if the Senate is maintained on paper, it is still a republiCucK Anti-nationalisn, pro-Evangelical Marxist Egalitarian, pro-immigration, pro-Trans-Pacific Partnership, pro-Nafta, pro-TRANSATLANTIC TRADE AND INVESTMENT PARTNERSHIP, pro-Big Bank Internationalism, pro-Nato, pro-neocon, pro-regime change, Russia-baiting, ad nauseam.
    HELL NO Fat-Boy, Long Ago Neutered Newt, Neo-Con rug muncher “we don’t want the smoking gun to be a mushroom cloud” Condoleeza Rice.

    Arguments for Pence are well founded, I have also heard strong arguments for retired Lt. Gen. Michael T. Flynn. Flynn, a registered Democrat (liberal dems hate him as much as they hated James Traficant) but fierce critic of President Obama, previously ran the Defense Intelligence Agency.

    On a side note, if Islamic Burka’s are accepted will the Southern Burka be reinstated?


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